Some Easter Ruminations on Death, the Secret Fire, and the Body of Light by Mark Stavish Originally posted in 2013 and again in 2016. Easter is an interesting holiday deeply rooted, we are routinely reminded, in pagan cults and their attendant practices. While such recognition is important for our understanding, it often does little in […]

Where: Virtual/Zoom Meeting When: Saturday, 01 May 2021 Times are in US Eastern Standard Time Admission: $45 if paid before April 15th, $50 thereafter. Thank you to the Louis Claude de St. Martin Fund of the Luzerne Foundation and other ‘Unknown Superiors” for their generous financial support for this conference. Speakers: David Metcalfe – Knowledge […]

We wade into the deep end of the pool with this interview and discuss topics mentioned in hush tones traditional teachings and often ignored in modern ones. An interview you will want to be sure to listen to.

A fun interview about Freemasonry and esotericism. Trigger alert: all Masons will find something to yell about from the sidelines. There are also some fine recommendations for Pennsylvania Masons seeking to enhance their Masonic experiences beyond Blue Lodge. Also jokes, lots of jokes.

“Why didn’t they let you save her too?” (Piper)“The Elders. They couldn’t. They don’t have that kind of power.” (Leo) “Then what the hell good are they?” (Piper) Charmed, Season 4, Episode 1, “Charmed Again” It may be that art imitates life, and then life imitates art in that weird feedback loop we call “magick”. […]