It is with great pleasure that we introduce you to our guest contributor Dr. John White with this essay he has written on the power complex and its role in psychological and spiritual practices. Dr. White is a certified Jungian Analyst, former professor of philosophy, and an initiate in several esoteric traditions. In addition, he serves on […]

Eros and Magic in the Renaissance by Ioan Culianu With modest commentary in brackets. Intrasubjective Magic (p.130) Since all magic that does not presuppose the intervention of demons is intersubjective, it is possible that the performer’s action is directed to himself, in which case we have to deal with an intrasubjective magic. This branch of […]

Leo Lyon Zagami, the author of a multi-volume set on magical and occult conspiracies focussing around the Roman Catholic Church and various secret and semi-secret societies, contacted me by email around mid November 2017. He was polite, clear, and asked if I would reply to a few questions for an upcoming book.  I was unfamiliar […]

  Introduction to Year Two – “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!” – The Wizard, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum   In addressing the “question of reality” we are constantly faced with seeking to understand not only the role of myths, storytelling, and ritual in traditional societies, but […]

On April 26, 2018 we posted and essay entitled, “Gresham’s Law and Esoteric Movements” which addressed the importance of leadership in spiritual movements and groups. In the opening paragraphs of the essay I stated: “It’s all about leadership. Leadership means upper management, and by this I do not mean some ‘invisible masters’ or ‘unknown superiors.’ […]

This is a good interview as it is more than just the usual ghost stories and warnings about Ouija Boards.  Take the time to listen as there are both warnings and advice for those who are daily confronted by trauma and psychic parasites but may not know it.–Possessions    

This interview took two attempts, was knocked off the air three times, and experienced what can be considered significant PK activity in and around the studio no less than three times during taping and broadcast. This is a very good interview that covers topics not presented in other interview.  It is also a sister-presentation to […]