by Mark Stavish Edited by Alfred DeStefano, III Sadhu states that the great difference he experienced between Western occultism and Eastern mysticism was simply the goal. The goal of Ramana Maharshi was self-awareness, or self-realization. This was clearly stated from the beginning and exhibited in the person of Maharshi himself. While talked about, or more […]

by Mark Stavish Edited by Alfred DeStefano III Part One Mouni Sadhu’s book, In Days of Great Peace, is essential reading for anyone on the spiritual path. In it, Sadhu describes his path from being a Martinist and ceremonial magician to a devoted disciple of the non-dual philosophy of Sri Ramana Maharshi, the famous Indian […]

As I have stated in several articles across the years – and more so recently – it is very important that each of us apply so-called “spiritual principles” in our daily life. This comes primarily from having a goal, a purpose, a compelling future that drives us forward so that we can get out of […]

In the circles of spirituality (and with it politics) we are often told that our happiness lies in others.  While it true that “no man is an island” (or woman for that matter) it is a stretch to go from saying that our lives interact to saying that I am only happy when others are […]

This article – written almost eight years ago exactly – is an important comment on the basics of meditation and devotional worship (the topic of last week’s essay), concerning both the “how” and “why” of their integration into our life. Devotion is the energy of love, loyalty, and surrender: letting go of ourselves and merging, […]

“There is no part of me that is not of the gods!”             Regular readers may have noticed that this topic was addressed nine years ago (2008);   here we update it for you so as to continue with our philosophy and practice of addressing some of the more difficult themes associated with contemporary esotericism. Going […]

The Magical World of Dr. Joseph Lisiewski by Mark Stavish Few figures in the contemporary world of occultism have garnered the admiration and vitriol as has Dr. Joseph Charles Lisiewski (1947 – 2016). Born in the rugged coal mining region of Central Pennsylvania, Lisiewski came of age in an era when the grip of religious […]