Three Years Later – September 19, 2018 Again, all true. “It has been three years since you went full whore, things are looking up?” my cretin friend said across the phone line. “Yes, and all courtesy of a handful of people. Alfred has one the lion’s share of the work with editing and typesetting all […]

“All I want for Christmas…” (Part 1) Originally published, November 18 & 22, 2015. Republished here for your consideration and illumination, with more to follow.   A conversation I recently had with a fellow author. “How are you doing?” came the voice through the telephone. “Fine” I replied, “Just a little sore.” “What? Breaking in […]

Author’s note: I originally composed this as a general article. It is not aimed or directed at any particular situation, but touches on practical methods that work in my experience. Please feel free to contact me with questions, comments or corrections. – James Brown, Board of Directors of the Institute for Hermetic Studies   EIGHTBALL (to […]

Here is a link to an interview I did with End of Days. Despite not asking me any direct questions regarding egregores, the 90 minutes was very relaxed, pleasent, and free flowing. It was one of the nicer interviews I have have had in some respects  – he gave ample room to talk and did […]

The following is from an email exchange between myself and David Metcalfe (here is a link to an interview David did with Greg Kaminsky for “The Occult of Personality” on New Thought.   “David, I am reading a copy of Mitch Horowitz’s autobiographical look at New Thought, and am reminded of several conversations I […]

Some strange and difficult territory we entered into here. Here is the link to YouTube.

We really went off script with this interview and stepped into some forbidden territory. This is very unlike my previous interviews. I’d say enjoy, but ….