Politics and Parapsychology We have pointed out on several occasions that those involved in the liminal and generally anti-structural pursuits of esotericism, magic, parapsychology, and the imaginative realms we simply classify as ‘spiritual’ often work against their own best interests by advocating for political stances that are hostile to their stated interests in ‘knowing the […]

Musings on the Problem of Alex Jones The recent removal from various internet media platforms of videos from Alex Jones’ InfoWars has caused quite the stir. Despite having once been brought up by name on an episode about a year or so ago, I am only familiar with Jones by reputation rather than direct knowledge. […]

Here is an MP3 file of an interview on the book Egregores: The Occult Entities That Watch Over Human Destiny.  Enjoy! http://content.blubrry.com/paranormalplus/Egregores-Ancient_Mysteries_On_The_Air_43.mp3.  

My interview consists of hours three and four.  There was a strange technical issue between the hours that the listener would be unaware of, but the sound of panic in the producer’s voice as we reconnected makes it worth mentioning.  Not an uncommon phenomenon when discussing these topics. Clink on the link below and access […]

A wonderful interview from “Where Did the Road Go?” out of my old stomping grounds, Ithaca, New York.  Enjoy! http://wheredidtheroadgo.com/show-archive/2018/item/539-egregores-with-mark-stavish-july-28-2018  

Every few years I get sent an article telling me that impending doom is nearing because of resource consumption. These essays are usually straight forward, and based on the math hard to deny.  The one I used to have my students read – when I taught at a local university, was “Population: The Elephant in […]

Excerpts from Eros and Magic in the Renaissance by Ioan P. Couliano Chapter Nine It is probably due to the influence of liberal Protestants that some history books still maintain that the Reformation was a movement of emancipation, whose aim was to free people from the repressive tutelage of the Catholic Church. Considering the multiplicity […]