Three Paths When we look at the Tree of Life we often see three path coming from our physical world. Without getting too concrete on the symbolism we can think of these as the three options we have before us – that is – three manifestations of the Path of Return.  The short version is […]

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to attend a brief presentation by a Tibetan lama on the fundamental practices of Tibetan Buddhism. Having arrived early to the event I had the good fortune to spend a few minutes with the lama discussing some areas of Tibetan medicine (alchemy) and astrology that I had questions […]

Go the the link below and listen to this compelling and informative talk with Shannon Taggart on her photographic journey through Spiritualism and Voodoo. A compelling message for our time.

​Dear Friends, For the next nine days the Institute for Hermetic Studies will be offering a 20% discount on the tuition for our course, The Path of Return.  This is very important material and we sincerely wish that each of you would avail yourselves of this opportunity to study and apply these critical teachings. The […]

Patrice Maleze, translator for Jean Dubuis, discusses The Philosopher’s of Nature, Dubuis’ transmutation of lead into gold, some AMORC days, and the problems and potentials of alchemy in the modern world. CLICK ON THE LINK TO PATREON BELOW TO ACCESS THE RECORDING.