Good Morning and Welcome to VOXHERMES! This is the third chapter of our work on exploring the practical applications of esotericism to our daily lives and why it is critical, even foundational, for any metaphysical or spiritual benefits we hope to attain. The meaning of “metaphysical” is simple: that which is beyond the physical. Though […]

A reminder, Mark Stavish will be appearing on the ArtScene with Erika Funke tomorrow, October 31st at 11:07am. Our interview is about Pennsylvania German folklore and folk magic. It was a very good interview, you can listen ‘live’ or as a podcast later.  Enjoy!

Good Morning and Welcome to VOXHERMES! In our previous issue we asked you to take a few minutes to reflect upon the nature of your spiritual practices over the years and to assess if you have derived the results from them which either they promised or you were expecting. Three points were provided. These were: […]

I am often asked what qualities make for the best students of esotericism. By this it is meant, practitioners, those who seek to apply the ideas in the real world and to measure their effects. To this I always say, “Someone who likes to be happy.”  This is an important and often overlooked quality, the […]

Good Morning and Welcome to VOXHERMES! Many of you are familiar with VOXHERMES – or “The Voice of Hermes,” the newsletter for the Institute for Hermetic Studies – and have been reading it since its inception twenty years ago. We have gone through several permutations over the past two decades, always seeking to provide useful […]

Helpful Hint # 2 – A Plan Support Our Transcriptions Project. Just a few weeks remaining!   After we have set our sights on a particular goal we desire to achieve, we then need to formulate a plan to follow. This plan is usually a guide rather than something carved in stone, and keeps […]

Helpful Hint # 1 – A Clear and Distinct Goal   IHS Audio Programs Transcription Project   To achieve anything in life requires a clear and distinct goal, an objective that can be realized and recognized at the same time. That may sound strange, but often people set goals for themselves and become so […]