A New Voice For A New Decade

Dear Friends,

It can be difficult finding the right words for an event such as this, the establishment of a new and improved version of VOXHERMES.  For nearly twenty years I have been writing you in some form or another, mostly through our original list using Yahoogroups.  Over the years Voxhermes grew into many things: a regular monthly newsletter complete with book reviews, seminar notices, news relevant to esotericism, even employment and non-profit funding notices.  With its growth came a larger audience, and more demands on my time.  After about ten years, we hit what appeared to be either our stride or our peak depending on your point of view.  That was 2007, wherein we had sponsorship from Red Wheel/Weiser, the publisher of my third book Between the Gates – Lucid Dreaming, Astral Projection, and the Body of Light in Western Esotericism. Red Wheel sought to venture into new and more innovative ways to reach their audience, of which esotericism was their core readership for several generations of readers.  This sponsorship lasted for several years, and when it ended, Voxhermes changed from being a strictly informative newsletter and more into a sort of esoteric editorial or blog wherein I put forth traditional and often minority ideas not well known in the esoteric community. This shift brought us a great deal of attention, and with it, a greater focus on the living and practical application of “spiritual” ideas in daily life.

This in turn has brought us here, to where we are today.  Several times across the year, as recent as last December in a series of articles entitled, “All I Want for Christmas” I spoke clearly, plainly, and openly about the possible futures for the Institute for Hermetic Studies. “Do we ramp it up and reach the velocity we need, or do we call it two decades and close it down?” was the question I asked.

The fact that you are reading this blog today answers the question. Over the last year – because of the tremendous and heroic financial and volunteer support we have received – the Institute for Hermetic Studies has managed to provide a comprehensive set of tools for individual and group practice.  Our Institute for Hermetic Study Guides and the IHS Monograph Series are among the finest books of their kind. They provide information not easily available, but do so in a manner that is clear, concise, and practical – all at a reasonable price. The IHS Channel on You Tube has every important presentation and seminar given available to the public at no cost.  Seminars that were made available because of the generous support of our sponsors in supporting them even when they themselves would not be physically present to enjoy them.  A generosity, I might add, that has become somewhat contagious as many of you see the value in what the Institute for Hermetic Studies does and participate in it yourselves through donations to our publishing campaigns at Indiegogo or through our Patreon campaign for IHS  Monograph Series publishing. This increased financial support has been vital in allowing us to move from ideas into action, and with that, providing tangible results to you in return.

Then there is our webmaster who has generously contributed his time and talent to providing a high quality, professional platform for interaction and communication with our friends and supporters.  This is in fact, the lynchpin of the process, and has been since the very beginning.

So, here we are, the Equinox is just a little over a week behind us, and we are moving forward to even greater accomplishments, and you are part of that movement, you share in that achievement.

As we begin planning for 2017, we see several things unfolding.

  1. The publishing of two or more new IHS Monographs and at least one book.
  2. Two seminars on topics related to our publications.
  3. The expansion of this blog and its use as our primary means of communication with the public.
  4. The implementation of a video blog to provide short and practical instruction.
  5. Creating a virtual community through one or more multi-week classes using Skype or conference calling.
  6. A membership structure for those who wish to participate in that manner, while still being open to the general public as we are now.

There it is, a very productive nine months behind us, and there will be more to announce before the year is complete. With that as our foundation, the Institute for Hermetic Studies will move into 2017 with a new blog, new videos, new publications, and an ever growing supportive and appreciative membership to makes the Hermetic principals the foundation of their life.

Thank you for your spiritual, personal, and financial support these last twenty years, and we look forward to assisting you for twenty more!


Mark Stavish, M.A.

Director of Studies

Institute for Hermetic Studies


Thank you for reading VOXHERMES, the blog of the Institute for Hermetic Studies, a registered 501c3 non-profit. We encourage you to subscribe to this blog to get all updates sent directly to your email in-box.  You will also find information about our mission contained in the link below.  Click on it and find out more about what IHS has to offer and how you can participate.




  1. Congratulations, Mark, to you and your supporters who help to bring the IHS into its new platform. It is great to see what is ahead, and thank you for providing improved communications and ways to interact with the great work. Much continued success to you ~ Blessings! 🙂


  2. Dawn Valdez · · Reply

    I’m with you all the way in this and will assist you in your needs!

    Thank you for all that you to do bring the Hermetic teachings to us!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. morebento · · Reply

    Wonderful news, thank you Mark.


  4. mchgall · · Reply

    Great idea to use Skype, I’m looking forward to joining in!


  5. Stephen West · · Reply

    I’m happy to see the growth and well being of your organization. I’ve been following for about ten months and have grown exponentially compared to trying to pick up info here and there and trying to make it fit. The last undertaking I done involving guidance from this group is going great, albeit a little scary at first.
    Thanks, Stephen West 😀


  6. Ms. Cosmic · · Reply

    This is great news! I look forward to IHS’s new offerings. Thank you Mark!


  7. Michael Lynch · · Reply

    Congratulations Mark. Let me know if/when you’re planning a trip up this way.
    Bring the Librarian.


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