Some Thoughts on the Age of Aquarius

Some Thoughts on the Age of Aquarius

In light of some of my recent articles, video presentations, and radio interviews in which the topic of media manipulation and archetypes has been addressed, I thought it appropriate to re-post the present article from August of this year. What has become clear to me over the last few months is that the degree to which politics and obsession with social issues (real and imagined) has highjacked contemporary esotericism is far worse than I had believed – and by this I do not mean simply by those who are most vocal. No, it is even those who are silent but who refuse to even consider any question regarding the incongruity of their definition of spirituality, including what – if any – attendant practices that may include for themselves, and their view of the role of government and the function of society. Never before has the United States of America seen such rampant and vapid collusion of media, political insiders, and foreign financial influence as has been revealed in the last three months. Clearly, the desire to grab, manipulate, and direct the attention of the masses by a self-selected few is in full throttle. Yet this could not be done if it were not for the full and willing participation of an army of both paid and volunteer “true believers.” To understand this situation and its possible outcomes we must take a cold, hard look at an esoteric view of the time in which we live.

Over the last decade or so I have posted several times about the “Age of Aquarius” not necessarily being the utopian dream so many have suggested it will be. What is often ignored is that Aquarius rules social vision and interaction with an emphasis on commonality (11th House), but does so from the view of the mind (Air), and is itself ruled by Saturn (apathy, melancholy, restriction, material form, and death). Yes, there is the influence of Uranus, the modern ruler of Aquarius, and with it the adolescent approach to life: a combination of intelligence, mystery-seeking, self-indulgence, and utopianism, married to sudden and unforeseen violence and destruction (not to mention magic and occultism).  With that, let us not forget that Mercury finds its greatest glory in Aquarius (communication, media, and ideas, as well as psychic channels as ‘Messenger of the Gods’) which brings people, ideas, and resources together – but also tears them apart. Keep in mind that Aquarius is intransigent about its idealism (Fixed) and therefore quickly goes toxic (meaning deadly) if not carefully watched.

Even Uranus (itself seen as an “upper octave” of Mercury) must be treated with care, as it finds its exaltation in Scorpio. In the world of Mundane Astrology this is the house of death, intrigue, and the deep desire for power. It can even be a sense of entitlement oriented towards an inheritance of some sort. Too often Scorpios would rather kill themselves – literally and figuratively – than admit error or defeat. Unfortunately for them – and everyone around them – apologies do not come easily, if they come at all. They are emotionally powerful, but often self-destructive as a result; they have a problematic tendency to “take the house down around them” when in this destructive phase. As a side note, Scorpio is also deeply related to pain, blood magic, occultism aimed exclusively for personal power. Thus, the explosion of tattooing, piercing, and body art and its near universal themes of death, particularly among the occult community, should not be a surprise.   In short, Aquarius runs the possibility of being a profoundly dictatorial period, in which conformity to idealistic social visions is the norm, enforced through both manipulation and violence. Here we return to Uranus, associated with freedom of expression – but also revolution. For the individual this means spasms, nervous disorders, mental disorders, cramps, hysteria, and, from an occult perspective, obsession and possession. Here we have the proverbial “crack in the wall” that separates (or rather filters) the spiritual and material worlds.

Now think in terms of obsession on a wide scale, such as a nation, a continent, a world… This may partially explain the widespread interest in paranormal television shows of both the “reality show” and fictional varieties, along with weekly reports of exorcism and demonic possession from various locations throughout the world.

This is the other side of Aquarius, the side you see unfolding before you right now. The various forms of censorship, political intrigue, and constant revelations regarding secret deals, secret finances, hidden sexual relationships, power plays, and lies, denial, and murder are all aspects of Scorpio’s influence on this Age. I say this to make plain the fact: just as an individual chart does not consist simply of the Sign a person is born in – but has all Houses, Signs, and planets to consider – so does the chart for an “Age.”

To summarize, let me turn to the French Martinist Robert Ambelain:

“Just as Divine Names, Words of Power, etc. (that is to say, ritual definitions hallowed by custom), concurrently allow formulae, prayers and invocations (also hallowed by custom) to establish a spiritual rapport between Man and God, so also special and secret names, words, and formulae are used to awaken and establish an egregore. But if the passive life of this “vitalized concept” is assured through the mass of the faithful, its active life can only be assured by those certain members who are the most constant and most qualified. This implies that there is, of necessity, a hierarchical structure in all Associations. Equality, if one must have equality, can only be set up for the “inner circle” placed in charge of the egregore. Finally, the great Cosmic laws, and particularly those relating to time, epochs, duration, must collaborate in the life of the egregore.”[i]

The Age of Aquarius MAY become a period of great freedom and individual responsibility – the Libertarian ideal some would say – but only after a period of intense suffering and restriction under the oppressive heels of the ideas of collective utopianism, or veiled forms of National Socialism, Communism, or even a truly “occult” theocracy. Genuine freedom requires genuine self-discipline and self-awareness. An artificial substitute of these can be imposed from without in the form of restriction and guilt, the hallmarks of modern “political correctness.” But artificial restraints are just that: artificial. They fall apart as soon as the external forces that support them collapse – and their collapse is inevitable. The choice is up to us. Learn, exercise, and appreciate self-discipline and self-awareness of our own choosing, thereby reaping the benefits of cultivating a true individuality, or place our trust in something other than our Self.  If we choose wisely, then the future will be the Enlightened vision we have been promised. If we choose poorly, then we may very well look back upon this time as the “Golden Age” of spirituality and human expression.

In a future post we will examine the role of prophesy in shaping public opinion and molding the future from both the psychological and metaphysical perspectives. For now, consider the words of the conversation between “Andreas” and “the Doctor” from the work of the French mystic and esotericist Paul Sedir. The dialogue which follows will give you a glimpse into what is currently happening both in our nation and in the world.

“Great historic catastrophes, as you now must have seen, have not had less futile causes. One must therefore pay attention to them if one is to intervene usefully in any way. We French have a greater right and duty than anybody to love our country in every way. If, doctor, you have any awareness of the Invisible realm you must have seen how much light and beauty has come to Europe through France in spite of the follies of some of its sons and the misdemeanors of its princes… Ingratitude is not the prerogative only of men. The beings that the grandiloquent Eliphas Levi called ‘egregores’ also possess this fault. The egregores of other nations have no concern for that of our own country. On the contrary, they’d very much like to dominate or even destroy it and enrich themselves from the spoils. And the Adversary, who’s on the watch for every chance of a quarrel, helps as much as He can.  In the three persons about whom we were talking He found a marvelous field of opportunity. All three had neither country nor religion. Their god was just themselves, and the invisible forces sought to profit from the egotistic passions of these three, who held in their hands the most powerful levers of social life, to bring down our country.”

“I am beginning to understand,” I said, “but if I’m not being indiscreet, are you thinking of intervening in this coalition?”

“Certainly doctor. Isn’t it my duty if Providence has given me the means?”[ii]

Studies in Poltergeists, Obsession, and Possession


[i]           The Practical Kabbalah by Robert Ambelain (translated by Piers Vaughn).

[ii]          Initiations (1924), translated by Gareth Knight (2014).


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  1. So then how does Pluto figure in all this? I’m no astrologer, but I feel Pluto lurking in the dark here.


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