Forgiveness and the Power of Healing

Forgiveness and the Power of Healing

Over the last few years, the Institute for Hermetic Studies has hosted a variety of workshops on energetic healing. Several points were often mentioned on the role of confession, sacrifice, forgiveness, and gratitude in healing. The following is a summary of the matter, but I believe that each of you can understand the importance each point plays in the healing practice.

It is generally accepted that ideas become the focal point of the mind, and if continually dwelt upon, over time they attract to themselves powerful emotions. If these emotions are positive, life-affirming, and self-enlarging (i.e., empowering), they aid us. If they are negative and self-defeating, they depress us emotionally and eventually weaken us physically.

The source of these ideas and their associated feelings often lies within our daily experiences with others. As such, we need to purify ourselves of the seeds of negativity and death and instead fill ourselves with positive feelings of love, optimism, and life.

In the opening pages of Kabbalah for Health and Wellness is described a practice for purification. However, verbal purification can also be equally effective, if not more so, since it invokes the power of the Word. Herein when seeking to assist someone with their healing, we need to recognize that healing in the physical first requires healing in the psychic – in the subconscious beliefs and notions of the one we are helping.

Ask them directly if there is something in their life that has been bothering them for a long time. If they answer in the affirmative, and you are capable of listening to it, help them talk about it. If not, then simply tell them that things that bother us over time can affect our health and need to be recognized and healed if we are to get better. The tool for this is to (1) confess our wrongdoings and ask for forgiveness. This can come from God, the Cosmic, a specific deity with whom an affinity has been built up over time, or one’s own Higher Self. Since forgiveness for one’s sins is a moot point – it is always done – it is the act of confession that matters, for here the person is consciously recognizing what they have done, confirming that it bothers them, and asserting that they want to make amends for it. It matters little what it actually is, or even if in the scheme of things it is a serious offense. What matters is that it is important to the person making the confession, as its recognition frees up a tremendous amount of blocked and tied-up psychic energy.

It is then important that the person seeking healing make (2) a sacrifice. This is something that must be meaningful and hurt a little (or a lot) or it will not make a psychic impact on them. They will be cheating and know it. It is up to them to decide what it is; although this can be discussed with someone competent, ultimately the choice is with them. Again, it must be meaningful, memorable, and important enough to get some real psychic energy behind it.

Then, (3) the person seeking healing (or ourselves) needs to forgive others for any wrongdoing that has been done to them – actual or perceived – to free up the knots of psychic energy that they are holding within themselves, which are a source of weakness, suffering, and illness. We cannot ask for forgiveness for ourselves if we are not giving it to others.

Finally, (4) after the healing session is complete, whether it is for ourselves or others, gratitude must be expressed. Gratitude connects us to Grace or divine blessing, and this means we recognize it as already present in our life. By focusing on the positive things, people, and experiences in life, we build upon Grace and make more of it for ourselves and others. Gratitude closes the circle, functioning as an act of blessing others with our positive energy – just as the powers of Chesed, or Divine Mercy (the qabalistic expression of Grace), does eternally. By giving in thought, word, and deed to others we give from the heart of wholeness and healing. This is different than sacrifice, where we ask to make up for past errors; here, we are planting the seeds of blessing.

I hope this is of benefit to you in your healing work.

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