For Everything There Is A Season

“For everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heavens.”

– Ecclesiastes 3:1


I arrived home after dropping my sons off at school to find my mailbox filled with emails asking my opinion on the military political events of last night. Having only recently learned of it I have little to say, but will say it in a moment.

For those who care, a soft rain covered my morning commuting. Two commercial buses were pulling into the nearby Marine Air Wing Support Group station. I assume they are not going on a shopping trip to New York City or hitting the casinos in Atlantic City. But, it is that time of the month when ‘training weekend’ hits Northeastern Pennsylvania and many a National Guard and Reservist is off to somewhere to hone their warrior skills.  While slowing down to avoid the buses as they made their turn I also had to pay attention to the drivers to the left of me as they attempted to make up for lost seconds at the red light.  For me this translated into having to make a split second critical choice regarding a massive pothole.  My habit has always been to move to the left to avoid it, but this was not possible without moving into the neighboring lane and with it, traffic. So, I slowed down and went to the right while I aimed for the telephone pole, cutting it hard, thus placing myself fully over the hole as moved past it. The other choice was to slow down, hit the hole hard, and hope I did not bust a rim or get rear-ended.

For me, it was not that big of a deal to go against my left turning habit, move hard to the right, and then back to center again without hitting the pole, the hole, or again getting rear ended. I trusted my years of driving to keep my son, myself, and others safe despite the fact that those around were unconcerned about what I was facing and how it might impact them if I made the wrong choice or over compensated all at 45 miles per hour.  Sometimes life does not hand us easy problems, and sometimes they are easier than we think.

So, back to world events.

I remember my youthful enthusiasm in several initiatic orders. What is fascinating is that in their early years, the time of their historical and mythological genesis, nearly everyone of these revered and highly esteemed mystical order was not only a member of what has come to be called today “The One Percent” and were also at one time or another commissioned officers in the military.  But I digress…I think…

Now, for some of the teachings I remember fondly and whose fundamental ideals I still adhere to, let me quote my great-uncle’s notebook from the mid-1930s. From the Ninth Degree of the Rosicrucian Order (AMORC):

“We must remember this one great outstanding law: EACH LIVING, VIBRATING being on this earth plane is a part of the Cosmic Mind. In fact, it is the assembly, the unity, the mass, the accumulation of all VIBRATING minds in men and women that constitute the Cosmic Mind. The Cosmic Mind is the Universal Mind, and it is the segment of the Universal Mind in us that vibrates and sends into the Cosmic the thoughts, impressions and principle upon which we concentrate.

For this reason we must remember that as the majority of the men and women THINK, so will things be. It all the vibrating minds on earth were to send forth thoughts of peace and harmony for just twenty-four hours, all strife, all contention, all disharmony would end. Not because by this thinking of peace man would have no room for thoughts of war or strife, but because the unity of thinking would place in the Universal Mind a power of PEACE that would react on all minds, on all living things, and even upon chemicals and electrical actions in the earth’s surface and in the ether or space. Not one of the Cosmic or Cosmological elements would act differently than constructively during that period.

We see that the solution of the world’s problems does not lie in the hands of a Supreme ruler apart from the minds of men. … so long as a majority of men and women on this plane re-create God daily in their thoughts, prayers, and reverence, so long will the God of the universe, or the God of our Hearts… reign supreme.”

However, I must take make a clarification of the above statements and that is, it is not sufficient that we simply hold an opinion in a certain direction, we must be emotionally committed to it, and from that act as well. Our Thoughts, Words, and Deeds, or as they say in Tibetan Buddhism, Body, Speech, and Mind, must ACT in harmony. We must be consistent throughout our being. It is ONLY in the final act that karma, or action, is completed and the full psychic forces of ‘cause and effect’ (karma) is realized. You MUST ACT in accordance with your IDEALS in order to BE.

Therefore it is not enough to say you want world peace while complaining about war. It is counter-productive to take to the Path of Return and spend your time in political battles, be they ‘mundane’ politics or those of an esoteric group. The various occult flame wars of the last century have done more to delay and diminish the advancement and demonstrable viability of esoteric practices than political oppression or indifference ever could. While some of those battles have died down the ease of social networking has made complaining, by many who claim leadership in the various spiritual movements, on a mass scale a current substitute.

Those who advocate for the spiritual solution must demonstrate its viability in their personal lives, their groups, and other activities if they are to be taken seriously by the larger world community. It is only in this manner that the ideas will be accepted and the desired changes in the direction of peace, health, and wellbeing will begin to bear more lasting fruit.

To this end I challenge you, without pointing out your failings (instead asking you to assess your own congruity) and support your spiritual movement, organization, or entity of choice. Ideas do not live in a vacuum, nor do they exist apart of the whole. If you want spiritual ideals to dominate the cultural landscape, or at least have a more important voice and role to play, then you must put your actions: that means TIME, TALENT, and TREASURE behind it.  For if esotericists do not demonstrate their ability to cooperate together, how can they be expected to be taken seriously on the world stage?  In the end, it is by their fruits that ye shall know them. Take the time now to plant the seeds of peace, well-being, and spiritual unfoldment by supporting the Institute for Hermetic Studies, or your organization of choice.


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