It Has Been a Busy Couple of Weeks!

Dear Friends,

The last few weeks have been very busy with the preparation of several manuscripts for publication. In the last month we have seen the release of Kabbalah for Health and Wellness – Tenth Anniversary Edition, the submission of our book on egregores to Inner Traditions for release in 2018, and the completion of our fundraiser for publication of The Magical World of Dr. Joseph Lisiewski. And that is not all!  We have also completed the first round of edits on the transcripts for the publication of Hermes and the Nature of Mind, from the IHS Audio Programs Series as a companion to Unfolding the Rose.

Now we need to prepare for our May 20th seminar, The Four Aims of Life: Jupiter in Daily Living – Practices to Increase Health, Wealth, Happiness, and Wisdom.  A seminar I encourage each of you to attend.  Registration information can be found at the following link:

As such we will not be posting anything new this week, and instead suggest that you take the time to review our previous essays. Practice the methods presented in them, see “Dreaming and Lucid Dreaming on the Path”, or “Purification and the Most Basic of Energies.” Take some time and reflect on the ideas they present, such as in “Still Charmed After All These Years” or “Supernatural and Me” and how they might apply to your life.

I look forward to seeing many of you at the upcoming seminar.


Mark Stavish


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