Update on the IHS Audio Programs Series!

Over the last year volunteers for IHS have been able to edit and post on YouTube all of our seminars from the past five or so years. These programs form an integrated understanding of esotericism in general and various schools of Hermeticism in particular. Originally these programs were sold along with their supporting handouts so that those who were unable to attend could participate at a distance. Once posted, we created Words of My Teachers a companion guide that organized the audio programs and their handouts for the creation of a true self-study course.

However, the singular remaining problem with the programs is that the quality of the audio is variable. To this end, over several years, we began asking for volunteers to assist with transcription of the teachings. This was a questionable task, as the work of transcription is both long and painful. Nearly all of our volunteers dropped out before completing their assigned sections.  Several heroically completed their assignments giving us: Unfolding the Rose – Illumination and Western Esotericism, and the forthcoming, Mind of Hermes – Visionary Experiences in Wester Esotericism, and Sanctus – Spirituality in Daily Life.  Each of these programs has been carefully edited with additional material added where needed to provide the proper context and understanding of what is being presented while maintaining the conversation tone of the original presentation.

To complete the task of transcribing, editing, and publishing all of the remaining programs, the Institute for Hermetic Studies will be launching a fundraising campaign in the near future. We believe that the value of these programs is unmeasurable, and when combined with the printed support materials, gives everyone the opportunity to have not only a firm foundation in esoteric practice, but also to get a glimpse of many of the less well known and discussed aspects of Western spirituality.

So, we are breaking with tradition and asking you for your support prior to the launch, and to encourage you to listen to the programs, read Words of My Teachers and Unfolding the Rose, to have a clear understanding of what we are asking you to support.

Thank you.

Institute for Hermetic Studies YouTube Channel


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