Upcoming Changes to VOXHERMES

I hope that everyone has enjoyed our essays in VOXHERMES.

As we stated several months ago, at some point the institution of a paywall would be necessary. That time as come. While all previous posts will be available, along with a partial view or sneak peek of current ones, full articles will only be available to paying readers. The reason is simple: it takes a lot of time and resources (money) to write, organize, and post quality material that is both informative and useful. So, our new format will be simple. 1. All promotional posts will continue to be available to the public. 2. Once a month I will post a substantial article on an esoteric topic such as you have alread seen. 3. Once a month I will post replies to readers questions on various topics. 4. When possible we will post additional material from guest authors. 5. Minimum contribution/subscription amount for full reading will be $5 per month. 6. There is a baseline that must be met, so additional contributions are encouraged. Payment will be through a Patreon page. Again, thank you for your support.


  1. Is there a link yet for the page? I just finished the Magical World book and I have read the Children of the Sun book. Great stuff. I would be interested in reading your newsletter and I would pay five a month for it.


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