Why Angels Can Be Douche Bags

Why Angels Can Be Douche Bags

The following essay was first published on October 19, 2015. It is important in relation not only to our newest release, The Magical World of Dr. Joseph Lisiewski, who death was one year ago (1 July 2016) but also in relation to last week’s essay entitled, “When Masters Walk Away.”


Over the last few weeks we have fallen behind in our work, and I thought some of you would be interested in the reasons why. One of the roles we, or rather I, have found myself in is in being the default problem solver for some people in the esoteric community. Much of this is the result of a single article I wrote nearly twenty years ago on the various forms of pathology that can occur on the spiritual journey. In recent years this increasingly included working not only with the common occurrence of “spiritual crises” but increasingly individuals and families who have genuine psychic and spiritual toxicity dominating their lives. Recently I was asked by a well known and successful fellow who is also a ceremonial magician if I could help out a friend of his who lived several hours from me. I listened to the story and it was straight forward: a magical operation went bad, and now the entire family was experiencing the weight of toxic strain it was creating.

The fellow who undertook the operation is also a well known professional who has fallen on some hard times and wanted to “get his game back” so to speak. He was used to a high income and wanted it back as he and his family had grown accustomed to it.

To do this he did not as I initially expected work with goetic demons, but instead called upon a planetary angel. Another well known author had even provided him with extensive divinatory readings on the operation and for a period of time afterward. Yet, not only was the return to professional and financial success not realized, but serious and peculiar health issues developed. A general malaise began to fall over everyone in the house. Despite the promises of success in the divinitory readings – all of which I read – not a single one proved accurate in the least way. Financial, professional, and health problems mounted. Just when they were at the end of their rope they finally asked for help, and as a result, I was called in.

Now, I reviewed the situation in detail, spoke to all concerned, and even read all of the extensive journal entries regarding the events leading up to, during, and after the operation. With a plan in mind, I began the believe I knew what had happened, what had gone wrong.

You see, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, and in this case, the demonic, or chaotic had managed to slip in. Dion Fortune wrote about it, Jean Dubuis mentioned it, and I have stated it many times that when we call upon the forces of angels or the Spheres, we also indirectly call upon the demonic or qlippothic as well. In fact, Dr. Rudd even clearly states that the chaotic will attempt to interrupt angelic operations, a fact that is often ignored and overlooked. Whenever we seek to change something, that means there is something that must be changed. That something is always first and foremost our own inherent qualities of inertia, selfishness, and habituated patterns.

As a result, for this fellow, and I am amazed at the errors that were made by those involved, the desire to get back to the way of life he and his family members were accustomed to living overruled his common sense and that of his diviner as well. The obvious was ignored.

So, after much travel, work with the family, and personal preparation, we were able to clean things up and restore balance to the household and its members. However, and this is what is most important to you, what came to my attention was this: the so-called angels are the managers of the universe, asking them for help is like going to a sponsor and asking for a donation. The sponsor always asks, “Who benefits?” If they like your answer you get the money, if not, no money. So, how do we get a sponsor’s money? We demonstrate a program of increased efficiency that has a positive impact on the widest possible group of beings. Simply put, you do not get money simply because you have a great idea, but because when implemented, that idea helps more people than just the those directly involved. In other words, the ripple effect – Cui bono? Or “Who does this benefit?”

This fellow was going to help himself, his family, and through them a general broader audience, but there was no direct mention of anything for his lodge, church, or even business and those it employed, there was no goal other than to get a certain amount of money to work on a personal goal – a goal whose impact on anyone other than a small number of people was unclear. Was it a bad goal? Did it injure anyone? No. Simply a very selfish one, in that “neutral-selfish” kind of way.

So, after spending hours working with the family in prayer and ritual, and then salting and burning all of the ritual paraphernalia involved, destroyed so that ‘not even their names or images remained’, I was given a box containing several rare volumes of books, and then, like the main character, Alex Bernier in the 2003 movie starring Heath Ledger, The Order (also released as, The Sin Eater), I was told to take whatever I wished from the extensive collection of rare volumes. I pulled a few and did not abuse their generosity.

This also raises the question of psychic contamination, a key element of magic going back to its origins. Is it possible to be contaminated by ritual paraphernalia or even an environment? The answer is yes, that is why we must be careful in what we accept as gifts from others, and where we work, ad what we do there, as well as keep our own sense of positive regard and good will towards others at a strong level. Keeping the well being of others in mind, or as my great-uncle used to say, being 51% altruistic (working for others without concern of reward), is a good way of keeping ourselves free from having operations go toxic, and ourselves with them. But to do this, we need to truly understand out motives. We need to really understand the nature of our own mind. To help you do this we have posted several audio files on YouTube under the Institute for Hermetic Studies Channel entitled, “The Mind of Hermes.” We encourage you to listen to and apply them.

At some point I may write more about this, but until then, please keep the above in mind.

The Mind of Hermes – Visionary Experiences in Western Esotericism


The Magical World of Dr. Joseph Lisiewski



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