An Open Letter To Our Readers

Dear Friends,

Several days ago we posted an essay entitled, Finis Gloria Mundi – The Alchemical Apocalypse and You which examined several of the themes which have dominated modern esoteric thought in the area of prophecy and prediction.  While prophecies have always been an important part of psychic studies, in themselves they are of no value if they are neither correct nor acted upon. If you have not done so already we encourage you to read that essay, and read it completely, as there is important information contained in it that can have a profound impact on your Path.

The essay of course, is as stated, the last of the free essays we will be providing at VOXHERMES. Over the last twenty years we have provided a variety of articles, book reviews, commentaries, website links, conference announcements, and more, for our readers.  During that time all of the work was supported by a handful of volunteers and patrons.  Thus, the true cost of production and delivery of each edition of the newsletter was never known nor absorbed by our readers.

However, as astrology teaches us, times change, and just as we must move from being dependent on others as child is dependent on its parents to independent as an adult. In assuming that responsibility we realize the Four Aims of Life that all philosophical, spiritual, religious, and psychological practices seek to achieve. These aims are health, wealth, happiness, and wisdom.

Many of you have listened to the recordings of our seminar from earlier this year on this topic, and have told us how useful it has been to your understanding of yourself and your personal Path. As such, we have chosen it as the first set of topics to be explored in detail in the new VOXHERMES format.  Instead of random essay across the month, we will be treating VOXHERMES as a sort of ‘correspondence course’ wherein we provide one lengthy article a month that relates to a specific set of topics, and we also provide a mechanism for answering questions from our readers – questions that may relate to all of our books and essays – which will be made available for everyone to utilize.

(Use this link to subscribe:

This new format provides better depth and practicality to our writings so that you, the reader and student, can apply them to your life as you see fit and thereby achieve your aims in life.

If you would like to participate in this new edition of VOXHERMES subscribe to it via our Patreon page. If you chose not to subscribe at this time you will continue to get all announcements from the Institute for Hermetic Studies regarding book releases, seminar announcements, new audio programs on YouTube, and other promotional content.  Previous posts will remain available as well. However, monthly ‘lesson essays’ and interactive question and answer materials will not be available.  It takes a great deal of time to research, write, edit, and post this material, and if it is important to you, then you need to support it just as you do every other area of your life that you consider of value.  What makes VOXHERMES different is that unlike many areas of life that we spend our time and resources on, this can actually make a significant and profound difference on the quality of our life – again, our health, wealth, happiness, and wisdom.

We invite you join with us by going to the link below and subscribing to VOXHERMES so that you may continue receiving our critically acclaimed essays and articles that can assist you on your path in life, and thereby enjoy it to its fullest.

Use the link below to subscribe to VOXHERMES. Thank you.



Mark Stavish 

One comment

  1. Russell Bryan · · Reply

    Dear Mark, It is understandable why you must begin to expect payment for the Vox Hermes writings. I felt regret when I had to reduce my monthly donation from $5 to $1. As I am presently living off the kind generosity of my partner, this had to be done. Why this is the case is too complicated and would not want to burden you and take up more of your time with the reasons. I always looked forward to wednesdays and reading what you had to say for that week… I wish you, your family and the Institute for Hermetic Studies, All the best!, Sincerely,

    Russell Bryan


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