Helpful Hint # 1 – A Clear and Distinct Goal

Helpful Hint # 1 – A Clear and Distinct Goal


IHS Audio Programs Transcription Project


To achieve anything in life requires a clear and distinct goal, an objective that can be realized and recognized at the same time. That may sound strange, but often people set goals for themselves and become so consumed in the process that they fail to recognize that they actually achieved what they set out to accomplish. That is why in alchemy, as in more mundane activities we are told to have a clear theoretical understanding of what we are undertaking, the stages involved, and a sense of what the outcomes will be so that we can know what to do next – even if that knowing comes as sudden inspiration.  I know several published authors and each had a very different reason for wanting to be published. On the surface you could say they are all the same as each has written and published at least one book.  But that is where the similarity ends. Each had a different reason for writing, a different goal or expected outcome from their publishing in mind. Some achieved it, others did not, yet to the outside observer, they are all equal.  Only with a clear objective can anything lasting be achieved, and only by understanding what we expect from it, can we know if not only is it possible and attainable. But we also have to be able to recognize it when we see it, to know what success looks like for us and us alone.

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