Helpful Hint #2 – A Plan

Helpful Hint # 2 – A Plan

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After we have set our sights on a particular goal we desire to achieve, we then need to formulate a plan to follow. This plan is usually a guide rather than something carved in stone, and keeps us focused on our path or means, and the goal at the same time. For example, if you want to write a book it is helpful to have an outline. For a novel this can be as simple as a general sense of the characters and story arch involved. It will change as the project unfolds, but, if you have a solid working title, good sense of the purpose of the story and its possible outcomes then you will stay on track. For non-fiction, this may be as simple as writing down the twelve key points you want your readers to know about the topic. Each of these will have three sub-points and there you have it – a working outline to keep you on task, to let you know if you have covered your bases, and when you have achieved your goal.   The same is true in business where a one, three, five, and seven year business and marketing plans are often required as reference documents to let department heads, executive leaders, and the board of directors know what the goals and plans are and if they are being realized.   And of course, this applies to our individual life, so get a goal, get a plan, and next week will give you helpful hint # 3.

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