The Importance of Happiness

I am often asked what qualities make for the best students of esotericism. By this it is meant, practitioners, those who seek to apply the ideas in the real world and to measure their effects. To this I always say, “Someone who likes to be happy.”  This is an important and often overlooked quality, the desire to be happy, when we are dealing with a subject matter that is often filled with abstractions and intellectual puzzles of various sorts. In fact, I recently asked that question to a group of attendees at a seminar, “Who wants to be happy?”  The look of confusion is telling as it betrays the need to often put on the face of seriousness, or sarcastic dismissiveness, but rarely relaxed happiness.

Yet, happiness is what it is all about – that is the pathway up the Pillar of Mercy – and with it the joy that comes with being alive – in a variety of forms as well. One need not be happy, or even happy all the time, they simply must be open to happiness when it is present, and enjoy it when it is here.

If you want to really accomplish anything in life, at least from the esoteric perspective, then happiness is the key, the path, and the fruit of one’s labor. It does us no good to achieve wonderful things in the world if they are not accompanied by some sense of happiness.

To this end I ask each of you, “Who wants to be happy?”

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