The Mind Parasites (and How to Stop Them)

The Mind Parasites (and How to Stop Them)

The following article was first posted in VOXHERMES on March 22, 2009. It is being reposted in in light of our recent discussions on occult group dynamic. It also allows us to better understand certain ‘conspiracy theories’ in light of genuine esoteric tradition, Jungian psychology, mass media, social networking, and even artificial intelligence.  Where I state in the article, “and even preparing to write a book regarding” is in fact my forthcoming book, Egregores – The Occult Entities that Watch Over Human Destiny (Inner Traditions 2018).


Several months ago I had the opportunity to read Politics and the Occult by Gary Lachman. Having met Lachman many years ago at the Rosicrucian Enlightenment Revisited Conference, held in the Czech Republic and sponsored by the New York Open Center and Gnosis Magazine, I was interested in what he had to say.  While the book was good, it’s weak spot being a chapter on usual straw man of modern American politics Christian Fundamentalism, it was overall a book well worth reading as both well researched and freshly insightful.  I then followed up with and quickly read an early book of his, The Secret History of Consciousness, and while a bit sloppy on some of the citations giving the impression that it was quickly written, it was again, a fine book that tied together many ideas I had been talking to others about and even preparing to write a book regarding.  The introduction by Colin Wilson also caught my attention, and everyone in modern esotericism should be aware of Wilson’s contributions, particularly his best selling book The Occult, which has stood the test of time for over three decades.

Apparently, Wilson and I shared some similar experiences around the early gothic fiction author H.P. Lovecraft, and a challenge from the curator of Lovecraft’s literary estate stirred Wilson to try his hand at fiction – thus bringing us his first of two novels, The Mind Parasites.  Like so many of our kind, Wilson uses the medium of fiction to convey a vision or truth. While The Mind Parasites is hardly award winning fiction, it is to be fair, not intended to be an award winning bestseller, but to present to the reader a view of history and the world that is rarely seen.

The fundamental premise behind Wilson’s novel is that there exists an invisible consciousness that seeks to hold humanity in ignorance and bondage, and does so by simply attacking the individual’s will to live.  This can be done on an individual level, to the shopkeeper down the street, or on a collective level by attacking those who can have a greater degree of influence on human behavior, such as writers, media personalities, teachers, politicians, etc.

Anyone who has had some experience in the social service field, particularly dealing with mental illness will begin to see some lights go on, as will anyone who has studied the history of mass movements and their nearly inevitable fall into the oblivion of collective ruin.  What makes Wilson’s work interesting is not only the serendipity of my having come across Wilson’s work while by chance deciding to read Lachman after all these years, but also that it addresses the existential crises that has plagued Western civilization since the end of the Second World War and which for reasons unclear – until now – are driving us to collective ruin.

Behind all of this though is a simple notion that life must have meaning for people to go on, and that without it, they individually or collectively die by simply giving up.  This challenge to live is brought about most often when some kind of significant leap in either individual or collective awareness is about to take place and can be charted on a historical scale.  These parasites as Wilson calls them are entities that sap our vitality, enthusiasm, and will to live. They drag us unknowingly into an abyss of hopelessness and despair or even insanity and death.  They exist at the deepest levels of human consciousness, and can only be disarmed by recognizing their existence, and addressing in the full light of day, the false realities they suggest into our daily mind.

However, on a simpler level they can be addressed and defeated, as far as the average person or student of esotericism is concerned, by either finding or creating a purpose for living.  This purpose must generate within us a sense of happiness, joy and connectedness to others. It is, in some form, a reaffirming of the underlying interconnectedness of everything and our place in it. It is the collection of merit, or positive karmic energy mentioned previously, or on a more pronounced level, the Bodhisattva Vow or Vow of the Adeptus Exemptus discussed in earlier posts.

But whatever it is, it involves as several successful people have said to me in the past, “getting off your ass and doing something, anything, just start doing.”  Find purpose in your life by direct involvement in your community, and by this I do not mean political action movements, but something concrete and that brings people of all types together – fixing the neighborhood playground, cleaning the park, starting a community garden, or planting trees on the curb line.  You can also volunteer to help out youth groups, the elderly, religious movements, or literacy programs.  The options are nearly endless.  There are also mundane actions that are designed to lay or strengthen material foundations for spiritual growth such as previously stated: sponsor a seminar or workshop, financially support your lodge or group beyond simply paying dues, make donations to the local library of spiritual books from quality publishers and authors such as the many academic presses, or recognize your vast and unpayable indebtedness to the past by providing in some small way for the future by organizing a dozen fellow companions on the path and undertaking a project that will last for generations.

Regardless of what you pick, the only way to stop the mind parasites that sap our daily vitality and life force is to stop swatting at them like flies, and to do something that brings meaning to our life and to the world.


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