Lucid Dreaming Experiment with the Planetary Seals

Lucid Dreaming Experiment with the Planetary Seals

By Mark Stavish

This essay was originally published on March 10, 2008. It is being presented here for your consideration as an example of ‘experimental magic’. Nothing has been added or subtracted from the original document.


Despite the extensive referencing to, and visual presence of the seven planetary seals made famous by Agrippa, this author has found very little explanation of practical uses for them. While they are made present on talismans, used in geomancy, and even evoked into visible appearance, there is little discussion of their unique attributes or possible effects.

While two methods of dealing with the invisible appear: skrying and evocation, the following experiment was carried out a preliminary practice to evoking the various Angels, Intelligences, and Spirits to full and visible manifestion under ceremonial ritual.

The following experiment was undertaken over a seven week period from December 2005 to January 2006. A slight interruption from illness extended the project by one week.


The working premises being:

  1. As above; so below – The Angels, Intelligences, and Spirits may very well be independent beings with a unique psychic environment, but none the less, there is a psychic correspondence that exists within us. If this were not so, a relationship, and hence evocation, would not be possible.
  2. It might be more congenial to visit their world, or better, our shared psychic space prior to evoking them into the physical.
  3. Should something unpleasant happen, it is easier for me to awaken from a dream experience, or to perform a banishing there, than to suddenly need to bring various tools and energies to bear within the domain of ritual. Fear often causes us to wake-up, but leaving a ritual out of fear is unacceptable.
  4. If undertaken, the need for actual evocation might even become moot.
  5. Modern methods are too rooted in excessive ritual and over psychologizing. Contemporary life requires that we connect with these energies, etc. simply and directly, as well as on a practical level.



Solar/Heart meditation and a lunar/brain meditation were undertaken for each Seal on its corresponding planetary day. Thus, a minimum of seven distinct solar, and seven distinct lunar meditations were undertaken during the time frame.


Description of the Method:

Solar Meditation

  1. Qabalistic Cross is performed, with emphasis on it being pulled down into my body after visualizing myself as a gigantic being. This anchors the energy in a much more distinct and noticeable manner than just ‘doing the cross’. (Regardie citation)
  2. Energy is pulled from Kether into Tiphareth. In this instance, it is visualized at the level of the solar plexus, and not the heart.
  3. The Seal is visualized there, and projected into the aura. It is large, several square feet in size. It is luminous white in color against a whitish-gold/amber background. These are the colors that spontaneously arouse when developing the program.
  4. The Divine Name is visualized in Kether, brought down to Tiphareth, and projected out through the Seal. This is repeated with the Angel, Intelligence, and Spirit Names. Experiments were done in circulating the Names into Malkooth and then up to Tiphareth and out through the Seal, but the effect was negligible and it felt as though the exercise was becoming too complex.
  5. The following prayer was made: “Through the power of the Divine Name of ….., I invoke ye, …….Angel, to direct the Intelligence… command the Spirit……to instruct me in the mysterious powers of the planet……. . This instruction is to clear, precise, truthful, practical, and to empower me to bring forth the energies of the planet….and its hierarchy into material manifestation at will, be it in the triangle of art or outside of it. As I am raised up by this knowledge, so shall the hierarchy of this planet be raised up. Amen”
  6. Then, the image of the Seal was held in place and any images, etc. recorded.
  7. License to Depart was given.
  8. Total time: 10 to 20 minutes.

Lunar Meditation

  1. The Seal was visualized at the nape of my neck as I lay in bed, and the above process, steps 1 through 5 repeated.
  2. Dreams were recorded.


Summary of Results

  1. Almost every night one or more, as many as a dozen, intense lucid dreams occurred.
  2. The quality and content was very concrete, solid, and tactile, yet often devoid of any intense emotions despite violent, sexual, or other content. Colors were bright and luminous, and never at any time was anything muddled, or ‘dark’ in a threatening manner, even when the events around it would have colored it so. This suggests an absence of the qlippoth, and the influence of the Divine Names in setting the overall tone, regardless of content.
  3. On only a few occasions was I required to perform a banishing in the dream state.
  4. A distinct sense of connection to the Anima (consciousness) and Spiritus (energy) Mundi (world) were awakened and carried over into waking state.
  5. No matter when I went to bed, I would awaken between 2:00 and 3:00am after the first wave of dreams, and often need to record them immediately. Regardless of the amazing intensity and lucidity, the shear volume of experiences did not lend itself to waiting until morning for recording. Even then, much was not carried over.
  6. A distinct sense that these energies exist in the realms of Yesod (unconscious) that are distinctly concerned with material life and the 32nd Path was impressed upon me. However, they are directed by and move through the ‘natural world’ via the 29th Path; there are also strong elements of the 24th Path (material power) as well.
  7. Mondays were the most difficult days, particularly physical energy was weak, emotions erradict, and general lethargy bordering on depression during waning moon cycle.
  8. The energies are impersonal. They simply are.
  9. Spontaneous images of the Spirits and Intelligences often arouse during the solar meditation, and despite their pleasing or at least non-threatening appearance, there was no sense of emotion or even large scale self-awareness with them. Angels gave a distinct sense of global awareness, or of being the collective consciousness of the planet; where as Spirits were simply concrete expressions. The Intelligences can best be described as ‘non-commissioned officers’ or ‘middle managers’ partaking of a specific function and awareness, but not the total picture (their programming, or Charge, defines that for them). Other than the Angel, it is not clear to me that the Spirits are actual ‘individualized’ entities, nor so with the Intelligences.
  10. A pulsing sensation was felt in my forehead in the area of the third eye for the first few weeks when doing the solar meditations.
  11. There is a distinct relationship between the Seals and the seven principal psychic centers but it is unclear. While this is an area for further research, given the nature of the Seals, it may be a difficult path. Working with them via the Solar and Lunar centers keeps the energies balanced regardless. This may not be the case when they are approached more directly.


After an extended and specific set of exercises designed to work directly with the Planetary Seals and the forces the direct, it is clear that these forces of the subconscious (32nd Path) unite with the etheric-astral energies as designated by the planetary forces and their direct impact on the physical world and its consciousness (29th Path) creating direct material power and influences (24th Path). This is, in short, the method of Renaissance talismanic magic. It is also clear that modern magical methods are woefully inadequate in their ability to direct energy for specific material effects, and is overly psychologized to make them not only easier for a broader range of practitioners but also more socially palatable.  In this regard, modern esotericism has fallen into the trap of modern religion, wherein, instead of guiding people along a path, it simply adapts to the idiosyncratic tendencies of the times.

While the above practice was beneficial, it would be difficult to recommend it to anyone who has less than 3 to 5 years of experience in daily structured practice, as the effects were dramatic and easily unnerving to a mind unfamiliar with psychic experiences.


For more information on lucid dreaming please see:  Between the Gates – Lucid Dreaming, Astral Projection, and the Body of Light in Western Esotericism (available at your local bookstore or through Amazon).


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