Excerpt from Money Magnetism: How To Get What You Need When You Need It

In the words of Paramahansa Yogananda, “The greater the will, the greater the flow of energy.” …The power of will, in fact, lies less in what a person thinks than in what he wants to make happen. Thus, according to Paramahansa Yogandana’s definition, “Will is desire plus energy, directed towards fulfillment.” Without feeling, what a person wills isn’t able to rise above the level of abstraction.  Without focused feeling, moreover, it will remain merely wishful thinking.

Feeling is that aspect of consciousness which empowers one’s intentions. The feeling faculty must, at the same time, be kept calm. It must not be allowed to become restless or impatient. When feeling fluctuates, it becomes emotion. Emotions, too, may convey a sense of power. This sense, however, is fleeting and illusive. It is there one minute and gone the next. … Without inner calmness and control, there can be no concentration. By calmness I don’t mean dullness of mind. The feeling faculty needn’t be passive, to be calm. Rather, to be effective, one’s feeling must be intense.  It is vitally important to summon a strong feeling for what one wants to accomplish.  As has been well said, nothing great was ever accomplished without enthusiasm.  All that is needed, for feeling to generate strong will power, is to keep one’s enthusiasm from spilling over in the form of excitement.

… Energy generates magnetism. The stronger the flow of energy, the greater the magnetism. It is magnetism, finally, that attracts to us all that we receive in life.

Our magnetism depends to a paramount extent on the positiveness with which we direct our will. Positive thoughts are magnetic; negative thoughts weaken our magnetism. A cheerful attitude is magnetic; discouragement is de-magnetizing. Hope is magnetic; despair is de-magnetizing. Love is magnetic; hated and indifference dull our magnetism. Faith is magnetic; doubt destroys magnetism. Be, therefore, always positive, always cheerful, always full of hope, faith, and love.

“Be practical in your idealism”

For energy to be directed towards practical fulfillment, “Desire, plus energy,” is not enough. It must be, “Desire, plus energy, directed towards fulfillment.” An effective direction of will power collapses inward upon itself, eventually. Ineffectiveness is discouraging to the will.

So often in life we set ourselves impossible goals. Far better would it be to attempt the possible, even if we consider it far short of our highest ideals. For little successes will strengthen us, and prepare us, finally, to win the truly great victories of life. … A safe rule, indeed, is not to exercise the power of faith more than one step beyond one’s actual experience.  … The first lesson [is] the importance of combining affirmations and positive thinking with practicality. The second was the realization that inveterate dreamers tend to feel actually threatened by the need to be practical.  Perhaps they consider idealism an offense to their ideals.  As long … as their dreams remain unsullied by facts, they feel they can keep it pure and lofty.  They don’t realize that the task of actualizing an idea doesn’t necessarily besmirch it, or that realities are not necessarily compromising idealism.  Rather, it is only by coming to grips with reality and making it serve one’s higher purpose that one can accomplish whatever good it is his lot in life to accomplish.

From, Money Magnetism: How To Attract What You Need When You Need It by J. Donald Walters

The above excerpt is from a small book, an essay in pocket-book form really, on the importance of wealth in our spiritual path. Walters is in a unique position to write about this as he was a direct student of Paramahansa Yogananda, author of the bestselling book Autobiography of a Yogi. Walters is also the founder of the world’s largest network of intentional communities, co-established the East-West bookshop chain, and has authored several bestselling books on the integration of spirituality into successful living.


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