The Circle of Light

I would like to quote two paragraphs from some lectures dating back to the 1920’s and earlier. Please consider the following when doing your meditations on Keter, as well as the Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram:

” …you will find that the circle, with its dot, becomes not only a symbol but a real and practical thing, because through development, and through exercises which you may receive…through study and practice, you are enabled in times of trouble and when in serious situations, mental, physical and spiritual, to draw a mystic circle around yourself while you become the dot in the circle, and no vibrations of an unpleasant nature, no harm or trouble can break through that mystic circle and reach you.  This mystic circle can even become luminous and quite visible in a dark room.  It is one means of great protection and as the mystic stands in the center of his circle he is in the center of a temporarily created universe of his own in which he has omnipotent power for the time being, and sees and knows all things independent of all other means of cognition.”

Also, from Eliphas Levi, the French Rosicrucian:

“The destiny of man, as we have said, is to make or create himself; he is and will be the son of his works, both for time and eternity. All men are called into the lists, but the number of the elect, that is, of those who succeed, is invariably small.  In other words, the men who are desirous to attain are numbered by multitude, but the chosen are few. Men who are masters of themselves become easily the masters of others; but it is possible for them to hinder one another if they disregard the laws of discipline and of the universal hierarchy.  Life is a warfare in which we must give proofs if we would advance; power does not surrender itself; it must be seized.  Initiation by contest and ordeal is therefore indispensable for the attainment of the practical science of mysticism.  The essential law of nature, that of initiation by effort and by voluntary and toilsome progress, and been misconstrued fatally.”

From the pen of William Gray, magical iconoclast and student of the French and British schools of magic.

“No effort is ever a failure in itself, but only fails in sufficiency or efficiency, to accomplish what was over-demanded of it. The Magician who fails himself will fail everything. At all costs, we must keep going once we are committed to the Path.  It is like riding a bicycle on a tightrope –cessation means disaster.

The practical worker on the Glory-Path [Sphere of Hod or Mercury], will therefore secure himself from interruption, trace his circle around himself and say one way or another, ‘I refuse to leave this circle until I have made some realization of Glory, whether this be much or little.’  It is important that we do not specify at first exactly what is wanted except in the broadest terms. To do otherwise is to invite failure because of imposing impossible conditions.  Once committed to a Circle however, it must not be quitted on any account until some achievement is attained.  We can take the nonsense about evil spirits lurking around the perimeter to destroy those who pass it with a pinch of salt – which will work the exorcism!  Worse than evil spirits will happen to those who quit their circle without attaining the end for which it was entered. Their faith will suffer a set back, and their links with their own Inner Light be weakened.  Every Circle must succeed in order to pass its dynamic impulse along to the next one.

The success in any Circle, is that something has been accomplished within it towards that end for which it was formed. Such an accomplishment may be but a single thought, the flicker of an emotion, the briefest realization, the lease exchange of energies between Something and Nothing. Success is entirely a matter of degree. … What matters in the Circle is that when we leave it we have changed our condition in which we entered it.  Preferably changed it for the better, made more of ourselves, adjusted our living to our satisfaction advantage, but in any case done something with ourselves that means a valuable change for the effort made.  We should never cast a Magic Circle in the first place, unless we seriously intend to make good use of it, and once it is made, it must be used only for its constructed purpose.”   – Magical Ritual Methods by William G. Gray, p. 114-115


I hope these words of are of inspiration and illumination to you on your Path.


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