Reality Denied and the Power of Eros

In light of the many media stories over the last few months regarding UFOs, paranormal research, and various international conspiracies (of which the Jeffery Epstein and its child raping horrors is the most recent of “too fantastic to believe” by people with normal lives) we are posting the following for those who are too quick to believe.


In some of the Greek myths Eros is the son of Aphrodite and Hermes, an intriguing thought. As students of alchemy and hermeticism in general are often referred to as a ‘son’ or ‘child’ of Hermes, this makes each of us a miniature ‘eros’ of a sort.  While eros literally means sexual love, we also can consider it any form of enchantment or glamorization wherein fantasy takes the place of reality.  As a Child of Hermes that is one of the greatest obstacles we must overcome on the Path of Return – glamorization, or more directly, self-delusion.

In his book Reality Denied: Firsthand Experiences with Things that Can’t Happen – But Did, John Alexander, Ph.D. gives the following advice:

“This chapter has elucidated three areas of concern for people venturing into engagement with phenomena for the first time. Caution, but not aversion, is advised. The first segment demonstrated that some very competent people have become captive to aspects of phenomena and been burned. Loss of credibility is an undesirable outcome and should be avoided if possible.

The second segment dealt with the danger to vulnerable people when they become enamored with unscrupulous charlatans who will take advantage of them. Such victims are most vulnerable in periods of grief or when experiencing life-threatening illnesses.

The final segment addressed issues related to involvement with discarnate entities or the spirit world.  …

In all of these situations, awareness and precautions are recommended.  Rely on your own intuition, but with a firm understanding of your current emotional state. If it feels wrong, don’t do it. You should maintain balance which is best accomplished by engaging in multiple activities, including those with real-world applications. It is easier to go down the rabbit hole, than it is to get back out. I’ve provided some examples of folks who have lost their way.

In all special forces training, be that Rangers, SEALs, or Special Forces, members are assigned a buddy, someone you do everything with and learn to trust them with your life.  That is sound advice for those involved in phenomena as well. Therefore, a final suggestion is to utilize a confidant that you trust implicitly.  Preferably, they should not be embroiled in the same emotional issues you are experiencing. Sanity checks are essential. If you choose wisely, a phenomena-buddy can provide an invaluable service. In the end, it is a question of balance.” (p.267)

In classical systems of initiation and training, the role of the phenomena-buddy is a role played by both one’s teacher and fellow students. In the current climate of solo-practitioners, the above advice is something that should be well heeded.

For more information see:

Studies in Poltergeists, Obsession, and Possession

Pathology and the Sublime: Problems and Solutions on the Spiritual Journey




  1. Stewart Cook · · Reply

    I like the term “phenomenon-buddy.”
    When I resolved myself to solitary practice, I realized quickly that one needed what I called at the time a “confessor.” In fact, I’ve never progressed without one, even though only a very small handful of people have ever fulfilled that role in my life. When I didn’t have one, I went into periods of stagnation and anxiety.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “vimutti” · · Reply

    Didn’t know where to post/ask this. Very interested in a response to this fairly detailed and nuanced information, especially the Thothian group behind the “… Brotherhood of the Snake [who] secretly and methodically infiltrated the Atlantian Mystery Schools and the Great Libraries in order to acquire all of the Law of One and human tribal knowledge for themselves, before intentionally confiscating the records that were in the possession of the Maji Grail Kings, in their planned takeover of the earth. Effectively, they were stealing knowledge crystals and meticulously copying over the Essene ancient written translations that contained the original Emerald Founder holographic records, in order to use that knowledge as a consciousness weapon against humanity.”


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