Epstein, Exorcism, and the Equinox

I was recently asked, “In light of what we have been told about the [Jeffrey] Epstein sex-abuse machine and its international reach, a reach that apparently was so vast that his death in a high security prison is believed by many to have been a murder orchestrated at the highest levels; and, the so-called ‘Russiagate’ fiasco that gives the impression that there may very well be a cold civil war of sorts going on within the intelligence apparatus of the United States, what can we as individuals do?”

We can only do what we can do, and that means starting where we are.

One of the easiest and best places to start is with the forces of nature: the cycle of light and dark that we experience yearly.  For many practicing alchemy, qabala, or even systems like Wicca or Neo-Paganism (and more), this means the points of balance or ‘Equinox’ that happen at the beginning of Fall and Spring each year.

In the 18th Century system of ritual magic as taught by the Elus Coen, under the direction of Martinez Pasqually, a five day exorcism was performed by its members twice a year – Spring and Fall – to help cleanse the psychic environment or aura of the earth.  This ceremony was aptly named, “The Equinox Ritual” and can be found online as well as recently in print.  The ritual is similar in many respects to certain Indian and Tibetan tantric practices, as well as one or two of their Taoist cousin that I am aware of.

Similar material can be found in the writings of William G. Gray, including:

The Tree of Evil

Between Good and Evil

Exorcizing the Tree of Evil

Like the Equinox Ritual, or even the various phurba practices in Vajrayana, the practices in these books are designed to help the individual address the problem of evil directly. They are clear, direct, and practical and should be read by all esoteric practitioners who work in a qabalistic or ritual framework.

However, not everyone may want to take the ‘head on’ approach and for this there is the important, even critical practice of purification. Here we find the advice of none other than Jean Dubuis, founder of the French alchemical association “The Philosophers of Nature” (1978-2000) who stated that it was important for each individual to perform the invocation of “The Forty Names” on the Saturday, Sunday, and Monday closest to the Equinox.  These ‘Forty Names’ are none other than the names associated with each of the spheres of the Tree of Life and its accompanying visualization of the ‘Lightening Flash’.

In doing this we begin to equilibrate the energies within ourselves, and as a result, the environment around us. Some may say that this is nice, but so what?  What does that do?  In truth, it is rarely clear what it does for others.  However, we can know that like soldier on a battlefield, a fireman fighting a blaze, or medical personal aiding one person, that we are doing our best, and while seemingly alone, are in fact, part of a wider team. We are doing our job and facing the task directly in front of us. More importantly, we are doing so with the trust that others, even unknown to us, are doing the same.  For this reason an invocation of the ‘invisible masters’ of often done prior to and at the end of this sort of work. This is in fact, at this point in part, a macrocosmic clearing of the so-called 32nd Path of the Tree of Life wherein the ‘Ashim’ or ‘Souls of Fire’ are brought into realization.

Once you become skilled at this practice you can begin to work with it on specific areas that may need some attention. However, be very clear this has nothing to do with the notion of ‘hexing’ or ‘justice magic’ that has been making the rounds on the internet and other media.  These energies always work in and through us first, so we do not wish for harm to come to anyone, but instead that they be guided by wisdom, and that the Light, Life, and Love that are the foundation of everyone, come forth and bring harmony to the situation.  Again, we do not pretend to know what is best, only that those we pray for will do what is best, or be a conduit for it in some manner – no matter how saintly or vile a person they may be to us in appearance or reality.

This should not be seen as weak and ineffective, as it is in reality a form of ‘tough love’ as there will be some shaking up on the receiving end. Neither karma nor justice are escaped, but rather, brought to fruition in a manner that is most beneficial for all concerned. And remember, that also means in and through us as well.

To this end, I am reminded of a single practitioner who many years ago undertook a secret practice, unknown to anyone for forty-two days, and within 18 months (again, an important number) the county facility it was directed at was raided by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, sitting judges were imprisoned, and dozens of individuals who were involved in levels of corruption so deep that it worked down to very local levels, had taken place.  There was no way for that person to know what they were assisting, or possibly instigating, or how it would work out, but it did.

Was the world made perfect as a result? No, but in duality that is not the goal, equilibrium is.  We are never going to defeat evil, only restrain and restrict it – and that means first and foremost in ourselves.

Ritual work like this is done with a focus on Light, Life, and Love can and will produce miracles and bring the sanitizing light of the sun into the darkest of places.

To this end it is also critical that when we say our prayers we include prayers of guidance and support for the leaders of our country, those in the armed forces, law enforcement, healthcare, education, spiritual leaders, down to everyone in our neighborhood. In doing this we create a conduit for healthy and positive ideas and actions to manifest in manners unknown or even unknowable to us, but not the cosmic forces we are invoking.

For remember, the “gods help those who help themselves” so, if we do not pray for the wellbeing and wisdom of our leaders, neighbors, and ourselves, who will? Every prayer uttered for another is a prayer uttered for ourselves. At some point we will post more about this topic, but for now this is sufficient for each of you to begin.

Until then, for more information see our IHS Monograph, Wisdom’s Bliss and Khamael’s Spear (Vol. 7) available through Amazon.


UPDATED 28 August 2019

As a result of many requests for additional information on the basic practice of “Invocation of the Forty Names” as mentioned in the essay above the following information has been added.

Invocation of the Forty Names:

Using a list of the forty Divine Names associated with the ten spheres of the Tree of Life proceed as follows:

Recite, chant or ‘vibrate’ the Names in one of the following orders as per your choosing.

Move Sphere by Sphere downward from Kether to Malkooth reciting all of the Names for each Sphere before proceeding to the next. Thus, the Divine Name, Archangel, Angel, and Mundane names for Kether are all intoned before moving to Hockmah, etc.

Or, you may link the names by reciting the Divine and Archangelic Names for each of the Spheres, moving from Kether to Malkooth. Then, recite the Angelic and Mundane Names, again, from Kether to Malkooth, and finally, the Archangel and Angelic Names are recited. In this manner we move down the Tree of Life in three stages with the names being paired together.

Sound quality is important, and no specific detailed visualizations are necessary. A simply visualization of the so-called Lightning Flash or descent of energies is all that need be added if you desire. Keep your mind relaxed and focused on the Light, Life, and Love of each Sphere as you intone the Names. You may open your work with lighting a candle, or even use of a special light, then a brief statement asking for the assistance of the spiritual masters for their aid in your work of purification and realization. When you are done you may say a brief prayer of gratitude and dedicate the energy generated to the purification of the earth and the spiritual realization of all being on, in, and around it.  Relax when you are done and mediate for a few moments.

This can be done as often as you like, whenever you like, with Saturday morning before sunrise as an ideal time to start, followed by a recitation on Sunday and Monday morning. Evening work near true midnight is also very good.

In summary, the key elements are: clear statement of intent and identification with the invisible hierarchy through lighting of a candle. Remember, whenever you light a candle, you place yourself in the company of the Elect, the Holy Masters. What we focus on we shape ourselves into and become, and as such, many have realized the Body of Light simply by meditating on a simple flame. Then, reciting the Names, with or without visualization. Then, dedication of the ‘merit’ (as they say in Vajrayana) follows or directing the energy to a specific end. Here, it is for the purification of ourselves, the earth, and ALL beings visible and invisible that reside within, on, and around it, followed by relaxed meditation or contemplation.

This may be adapted to whatever methods of practice you prefer as along as each of the steps given in the summary of: statement of intent, main practice, and dedication of energy is maintained.

For a copy of Wisdom’s Bliss and Khamael’s Spear use the following link:








  1. Alexandra · · Reply

    Those who control the media steers the wheel of global consciousness. I never seen this Epstein guy. Does he even exist? that is what my Saturn is asking. Maybe they let us think he exist, so they can control the narrative. The advancement of artificial intelligence and computer graphics is now so good, that you cannot tell the difference between fake and real anymore. Most of what we see on TV is probably already replaced by AI algorithms. In other words, technology destroyed itself. As we would expected it to destroy itself before it got a chance to get to “us”. Complexity destroys itself through it’s own convolution.


  2. Dale Hodgkinson · · Reply

    And what “narrative” is it that they are trying to control – and to what purpose?
    Sometimes things are simply what they are: Epstein was a paedophile scumbag pimp. And he died of it.


    1. Everything we get is a narrative. Reading your comment to me is a lot like reading, “Goering was an obese drug addict and died as a result of it.” Both even died in prison. Regardless, only good can come from taking an active role in purifying one’s own negativity, and with that, the world to some degree. That is the important part.

      Liked by 2 people

  3. Dale Hodgkinson · · Reply

    Absolutely Mark – I take no issue with that.
    However my comment was in response to the 1st comment posted here that appeared to have more than a toe in the waters of conspiracy theory. Of course there are many exoteric and esoteric machinations afoot in the World (my own country is currently involved in one known as “Brexit”), however to take the stance (as the first commenter seems to do…. specifically with the line “does he even exist?”) that absolutely everything has a hidden and subversive element to it beyond the obvious is bordering on paranoia. Jeffrey Epstein was clearly a terrible person – and his appalling actions caught up with him and he killed himself rather than face the consequences – which, fittingly, must have been a difficult thing for such an ego-driven monster to do, and conversely also proves what a coward he was. (If we’re going to bandy Third Reichisms, then a similar, and far greater, act of immense horror must’ve befallen Hitler as in the final case he had to destroy himself in his bunker – one of mankind’s most enormous egos forced to destroy itself! And, equally and from another perspective, an act of gargantuan cowardice.) But Jeffrey Epstein was NOT an invention of a hidden agenda or narrative perpetrated by the global media – as Alexandra seems to believe. He was a scumbag paedophile – and he died of it. And good riddance. There is a little more light in the World with his passing… I just hope his vast estate is given to the women he preyed upon.


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