A Strange Pride

“Aryan peoples have everywhere adopted the moralistic religions, born of Arihat, which mark the end of the Kali Yuga. The wisdom of the Assurs, linked to Shaivism, has survived, however, like the Shiva cult itself, but secretly, in an esoteric and initiatic tradition [of which Dionysus is the ideal in the West]. The history of the three cities represents the end, with the aid of extremely powerful weapons, of a highly technologically advanced civilization. It is the recollection of a distant past event or a premonition of the future?  Perhaps both. What is important and concerns us about this story is what it teaches us:  that is, that it was a change in the religious, social, and moral concepts which caused the decline of the Assurs. The worship of the phallus, symbol of the principal of life, the practice of Tantric Yoga, and the quest for an understanding of cosmic realities and the natural order were replaced with sentimental and negative notions, abstinence, puritanism, nonviolence, equality, and the like. The present time gives us a disturbing image of this. It is a strange pride that motivates man to try and replace the divine order, the natural order, with a human order [italics original], which opposes so-called moral virtues to the magic rites, and sacrifices, and disregards the power obtainable through the practice of Yoga. This attitude, which leads to negation of the order of the world, can only result in disaster….Even scientific works, impartial in principal, do not dare to mention realities that conflict with the ideologies born of the Arihat’s teachings. (p. 207-208) While the Gods Play


  1. Jhershierra Jelsma · · Reply

    ” negative notions, abstinence, puritanism, nonviolence, equality, and the like”.
    Why are these in your judgement negative principles or motives? Actually man’s striving for purity, abstinence of obsessive desires, kindness and non-violence is the desire to become or imitate the higher order, not this fallen lust and greed violent driven reality. I support yoga and practice eastern methods but the yogis I know are more pure, non-violent and are not attached to sex or addictions. so I am not sure how you can come to your opinion. The material world is ‘fallen’ for many cycles and the eastern Yugas map this decent and ascent.


  2. Interesting, given how much of the humanities have given in to poststructuralism and deny both biology (e.g. gender studies) and deny the suprarational (demise of neoplatonic thought). The result is a flattening which doesn’t give insight to lower, driving mechanisms or higher, emergent properties. The social constructs that are based on neither science or Nous seems to be without both earth and sunlight. This flattening goes hand in hand with equality driven to its extremes.


  3. Mark is this a natural cycle of human ‘progression’? It seems we are watching a growing schism in Western society where not only do we disagree, we cannot even agree on basic facts…… as if we are speaking different languages….


  4. Alexandra · · Reply

    Order out of Chaos makes life as we know it possible. Union means disintegration, entropy cannot sustain itself as it devours and collapses under it’s own chaos: Keter birthing a new Universe, because it has no other choice. Connecting the two trees will lead to unity, but that ultimately means collapse. Bring Light and Dark together will make this Universe cease to exist. The cerebral cortex requires a sine wave function to sustain itself. That is why the US is a nation of conflict, because it rules the cerebral cortex. The newest layer of the brain which rules reason. The domain of the Eagle. Blue against Red, Left against Right. If the US collapses, so will the entire world. It is like the light bulb and the battery of the world that prevented humanity from going backwards. WW3 will start because of Israel, China and a refugee crisis.


  5. Stewart Cook · · Reply

    Balance every thought with its opposition. Because the marriage of them is the destruction of illusion.

    Aleister Crowley


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