The World of Tantra – Good Advice for the Path

“Hence the caution before I speak. There is no miracle in the knowledge; there is no real mystery.  It is so logical, so obvious, so cogent that it could be followed even as a theory easily.  Danger comes at the stage of practice.  Before entering into the deep waters of the Pacific for a swim across, one must prepare in so many ways the mind, the body, the brain, the emotions. In eating, sleeping, walking, exercising, hearing, smelling, loving, understanding, seeing, dreaming, thinking, discipline first, discipline second, discipline third. This is the preparation. Tantra practice is like playing with live poisonous cobras, as has been said and could be repeated a thousand times.  It is an exposed live wire of a thousand volts. Caution in this field cannot be too much.

This period of discipline cannot be short-cut. It has to take its full course. If that sacrifice of time and energy becomes impossible, then the practice of tantra is not to be undertaken.

Through some accidental play of luck and fate I was accepted by the Lady in Saffron . Because I had kept close to her body, body to body, and skin to skin, I received from her the lessons in a direct form.  If I had gone in  pilgrimage it is not because I had lost my way, nor because I was in search of other sensation feats; it was because the joy of the tantric spirit is an irresistible joy. It is inherent in the spirit of that joy that adepts would call and invite and respond.  Tantra forms sacred esoteric brotherhood. It builds a family. It established a ‘club’, a Free Masons lodge. The tantric is neither alone, nor selfish.”  The World of Tantra by B. Bhattacharya, P. 377



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