Brauche: The Gateway to Medieval, Renaissance, and Classical Magic

Something New for the New Year!  This introductory offer expires tonight.

Brauche: The Gateway to Medieval, Renaissance, and Classical Magic

Please keep reading as this is a once in a lifetime opportunity!

This six week class will examine Pennsylvania folk magic as an example of the survival of Classical, Medieval, and Renaissance magical practices into the modern era. Particular emphasis will be placed on brauche, or ‘pow-wow’ as it is more commonly known. Practical fundamentals as well as more philosophical aspects not usually found in many lineages will be explained. This makes brauche more than a simple set of spells and charms but a complete system of magical philosophy and practice within the Christian European traditions.  Magic for healing, protection, binding, dreaming, and communication with various spiritual beings are the focus. Comparisons to English Cunning Work, Slavic folk practices, and other traditions will be given when suitable. While addressing the topics in a very clear and practical manner, this is a very high level course of instruction.  Think of it as a ‘magical boot camp.’

In addition, this class will give you a superlative overview of the fundamentals of operative magic that you can apply to your practice. The theories and methods are given with the utmost freedom in mind, and to provide you with an understanding of the theories and principles of magic so that you can make it your own method of practice.

With this first class the Institute for Hermetic Studies is entering into the world of distance learning with live and recorded instruction. If you would like to be a part of this event, where live participation includes the ability to interact in real time as well as participate in special question and answer sessions, then save your spot with a pre-registration as space is limited to twenty-two participants.

The platform we are using is Teachable, and each participant will be sent an email providing them with information on how to connect with each session. All sessions will be recorded for future use. This is the first and only time the class will be given live.  There are six class sessions over a six week period, with each session lasting 60 to 90 minutes with the possibility of classes reaching the two hour mark.  Topics will include:

  • The Magical World View of the Medieval and Renaissance worlds: Cosmology as the Alpha and Omega
  • Ritual Purification and Protection: Making Prayer Cloths, Brauche Bags, Protection Cords, Amulet of Protection, Anointing with Oil and Purification with Fire and Water
  • Tools of the Trade: Magical Knives: Black and White Handles, Braucher’s Serpent Cane
  • Setting the Boundaries: Magical Circles and Crossroads – Chalk, Salt, and String; and Altars of Wood and Stone
  • Magical Use of Scripture and Psalms, Novena’s, Extended Prayers, Fundamentals of Charms
  • Trance Work: The Gateway to Initiation
  • Saints, Necromancy, and Communicating with the Dead
  • Signs, Symbols and Sigils in Folk Magic: Keeping it Traditional and Why It Can Look Like Chaos Magic
  • Introduction to the 72 Angels of the Shemhamaphoresch and How to Use it in Practice.
  • Introduction to the Three Books of Agrippa and the 6th and 7th Books of Moses

This is the only time this class will be offered in a live format allowing for increased interaction with the instructor, so the number of students will be limited. If you would like to participate in this one-time event, pre-register now for a 25% discount off of the tuition. Regular rate is $399 (US), but if we receive an email from you time stamped no later than Monday night (November 1st) at 11:59PM US Eastern Time, including the following code in your subject line:  DANKETAG, you will be able to register for $299 (US) when registration goes live next week.

Class dates are six consecutive Thursdays starting February 20, 2020 and running from 9:00pm Eastern Time to approximately 10:30-11:00pm.

Email us at: or to reserve your spot today.


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