Finding Your Path of the Tree of Life

Finding Your Path of the Tree of Life

The following information comes to us from Jack Glass, FRC, SI, 32nd and was reiterated by Joseph Lisiewski several years later. It is a method for finding your Path on the Tree of Life, as well possible Sphere of activity. It is a general marker using basic numerology and we have noticed that it works well when compared with other systems of numerology. The process is simple.

Take your date of birth and write it out, then using theosophical addition, you will arrive at a number. For example, June 3, 1985 would be written as follows:

6+3+1+9+8+5 = 32

This number can be further reduced to: 3+2 = 5

Thus, the 32nd Path and work with the Fifth Sphere, or Geburah, on the Tree of Life are a good place for you to start your work after you have learned the basics of meditation and ritual magic. Of course, Frater Albertus used alchemy, so in this instance, spagyric or alchemical work focusing on the 32nd Path and the energies of the planet Mars (Geburah/Mars) would be appropriate. While this may, and even should change as you make progress, it is as a good a place as any to start if you are uncertain about your work.

If your number reduces to 20, it will be the Twentieth Path and need not be reduced further unless you are using modern astrology wherein the influences of the outer planets is most commonly attributed to Kether (Pluto) and Hockmah (Neptune). However, these attributes to the outer planets is not fixed and we have seen several variations in the placement of Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus on the Tree of Life.

If your number reduces to 10, then focus on the energies of the earth, of action in this world, as its reduction is 1+0 = 1 or Kether. Kether is the undifferentiated energy that is the basis of all that is, including the expressions in Malkooth. The Spirit-Matter dynamic is very important to you rather than specific actions of individuation.

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  1. Stewart Cook · · Reply

    A perfect exercise for seekers struggling with what to do with themselves during their involuntary hermitage.

    Thank you.


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