Conversations from the Edge With Russ House

Here is a two hour interview with Russ House, well know former instructor of alchemy at the Rosicrucian Order’s (AMORC) Rose+Croix University International (San Jose), President of The Philosophers of Nature (PON), and co-founder of Triad Publishing. In it we discuss, occult Chicago, Nefertiti Lodge, alchemical secret chiefs, Frater Albertus, Jean Dubuis, and more.


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  1. Sassou Anani · · Reply

    Thanks Mark for the opportunity to listen to this interview loaded with so much insights from a great yet humble teacher.

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  2. Jonathan Taylor · · Reply

    I’ve enjoyed listening to this discourse. Mark I’m definitely enjoying the benefit of your publications as well as others. This is indeed a new age of islands, both a blessing and a curse.

    Thank you Russ for sharing your experiences and your parting wisdom and advise.


  3. Tim Yates · · Reply

    Thank you Mark for sharing this and to you both for giving us a brief window into your insights and personal experiences with AMORC . I found it extremely interesting to hear . As a current but relatively newer member of AMORC who is still a neophyte , I enjoy looking into the long history and the people I must agree are still a wonderful part of the environment . It’s also encouraging to see that individuals as seasoned and accomplished as yourselves also found it to be a worthwhile course of study to partake in .


    1. Thank. However, please note, our comments are regarding AMORC as it was 30 or more years ago and may not apply today. Neither of us are affiliated with the organization at this time.


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