Conversations from the Edge – What Authors and Teachers Say in Private, Part Five

A Memory is Triggered

As I continued my conversation with David two distinct memories came to mind. One was of a practitioner who engaged in ninety day practice to rid their local of the extensive corruption that was plaguing it across all levels of judicial, administrative, and executive authority. I became aware of the operations when I confronted the adept directly several years later. Since all was done, they stated the following,

“The work had to be very carefully planned and executed to avoid unnecessary blow-back. As you know, there are a variety of forces at work and when we start to think about them, they potentially become aware of it. Caution in any political or social occult action is required and nearly all of these public political actions against political figures miss the point – and that is why they fail. Also, they are public, which by default means they are not connected to any real occult power. Remember what Eliphas Levi said, “Weak people talk and do not act, strong people act and keep quiet.” I am speaking to you because the operation is complete and nothing can interfere with it. Second, you will tell others and this may inspire them in a proper and effective means of working on a larger level – if the situation demands it.”

He paused and took a long sip of coffee, it was black, very expensive, and required no cream or sugar to drink. I believe it was imported from Cuba, and was exceptional in quality.

“The operation was extensive, and took place daily over ninety days. In hindsight it could have been half that time, but no less. Never less than 40 or maybe 42 days but you know that already. Then, it took eighteen months for the first effects to become public knowledge. By that I mean new reports of investigations, later arrests, and incitements. The whole effects carried on for about four or five years as you know, so it took about seven years total from beginning to end. Of course he end meant that people were in jail or on their way.”

He paused, shifted in his seat towards me and continued, “It cannot be stressed enough that people who undertake these kinds of specific occult actions to have an effect on the community, country, or world should only do so after careful consideration as they put themselves and their family at risk. There is always some kind of ‘sling-shot effect’ as your good friend Dr. Lisiewski used to call it. Remember, it is not just about the visible corruption you see, but the demonic and qlippothic forces that are connected to it, and which feed on it. You are going to war with an egregore. To do that effectively you need to be willing to make the sacrifices war requires – and have an equal or better army at your disposal. Remember what Jesus said, “I could call down legions of angels if I desired” and that is exactly what you are attempting to do. So, you need to anchor yourself very strongly in Tiphareth, if you like that term, before attempting these kinds of direct actions.”

“Is there an alternative method?” I asked.

“Yes, there is. You outlined it perfectly in the monograph Wisdom’s Bliss and the other one, Khamael’s Spear. These take a little more time, but do not have the same risks as the one we just discussed. However, these require working with the egregore of the community or nation effected and for that it is best to have an effective group. In fact, it is even good to have as many people as possible working it as it acts as a general blessing for everyone concerned. So, instead of purification by fire like the first one, it is purification by water, if you understand the analogy.”

The importance of this memory, other than for its obvious content, is that it was tied to a second memory, that of the constant requests for metaphysical help we and other receive, people in desperate straights, only to pull back from moving forward because they are afraid to pay the price of change. As We wrote in our monograph, “Studies in Poltergeists, Obsession, and Possession” is it stunning to see how many people will live in terrifying situations for decades before seeking help.

David, who prior to making a career out of business realignment and restructuring, had an extensive background in athletic coaching on the school level. Working with young children in learning new ways of thinking and acting, and with that redesigning their self-conception, was deep tool box he drew on often. Combined with personal and business coaching with NLP as an operative base, he excelled at helping people identify their problems on their own and dealing with the subsequent trauma that could realization could entail.

“Dave,” I said, “What amazes me is how many people say they want to change their lives but in the end stop. Their level of addiction to their current lifestyle is summed up in the most common question I am asked.”

“What is that?” he asked with a grin.

“How much will it cost?”

With that he burst out laughing, slapped the table, and leaned back in his chair. I though he might fall out of it.

“Yes, it is an addiction. We each can get so comfortable in where we are at, that it takes time to change in the direction we are truly congruent with – that is, one we are congruent with and is healthy for us. That is why on an average day, so to speak, it can take a year to a year and a half to manifest what we are after as we adjust to the ideas and circumstances it requires. Through in trauma, or the kind of psychic parasites you deal with so often, and it is amazing anyone changes at all. We are asking them to commit to painful shock therapy and they know it. In the end it is their choice, their life, and they have to want to participate. I think you mentioned that you say to them, ‘What is the price of not doing it?’ That is the real point that needs to be driven home with a jack-hammer at times. What is the price of not doing it?”

David continued, “I mean look at it this way. Just because you may be on some spiritual path and think you are immortal, that doesn’t mean you are going to live forever. Pay the price and get on with it.”

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