The Complete Course Collection from the Institute for Hermetic Studies Study Guides Series

Over the last ten years the Institute for Hermetic Studies has produced a series of lectures, monographs, and study guides for students of Western Esotericism. Now, these audio lectures and their support materials can be accessed through the IHS Teachable site. While additional courses are also available, this bundle is the complete set of teachings and practices from our Study Guides Series – in addition, we are confident that you will find it so beneficial to your study and practice, that we are making it available at a deep discount on the tuition, rather than enrolling and paying for each class individually.

Please take a few minutes to examine the contents of this unique and very practical and beneficial class, as well as other IHS instructional materials at the link below. Thank you.


  1. marilyn baber · · Reply

    Hi Mark, I have tried several times to access this, but I get a Sorry this page could not be found and the other button shows a course for 495$, is this the discounted course you are talking about and do you use Paypal? i never use my credit card on the computer, I only use Pay Pal and Amazon. Would like to take something from you as I really appreciate all your comments. But I have to be realistic of what I can afford. Money seems to be my block at the moment. thanks, Namaste’ Marilyn


    1. The check out page was not functioning. Try it now. Thank you, We can accept pay pal, ( for paypal), and this is the discounted price from all of the courses in the bundle. If it is an obstacle, let me know and we can wiggle on the price a little.


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