Family Karma and Egregores: Their Cleansing, Rectification, and Renewal

Family Karma, Egregores: Cleansing, Rectification, and Renewal

Over the last year I have been asked to give some teachings on two topics that are inseparable: family karma and egregores. As such, I will be hosting a class in 2021, starting at the end of February or early March on this topic. It will include information on how to cleanse family karma, as well as on the establishment and maintenance of a healthy egregore. All egregores are dual, and there is always one that we cannot avoid, that of those who we encounter in the “school of the family.” Some families are very successful, productive, and have over time, impacted history for the better as well as the worse. The means of creating such dynasties is neither a secret nor unknown to those who do it. However, those stuck in what appear to be endless loops of suffering, poverty, ignorance, and wherein, at one moment in time, one family members appears who seeks the light of spiritual wisdom, they become the possible point of force that can change the future course for those with whom they are involved.

This is not difficult material that we will cover, it is however demanding. How could it be anything else? If this is a class you want to participate in then prepare yourself now by the following:

Undertake the performance of The Liturgy of Hermes and its 42 day Hermetic Retreat to the best of your ability.

If you have done this, OR are preparing to do it in the near future, undertake the Purification Practices as given in Kabbalah for Health and Wellness. See the link below for a commentary on it.

Listen to our presentation on The Energy of Blessing

Read the following essay and contemplate its contents.

Ideally, this is a presentation that should be reserved for those who have completed the entire IHS course of study, and demonstrated significant capacity. However, it is possible for those dedicated to this goal to undertake it as well, as long as they follow each of the steps and omit nothing from the work. Each must make up their mind regarding what they want their future to be, and this is one way of directing it to a desirable and beneficial outcome, wherein personal Awakening is made more readily possible.

As we are repeatedly told in the spiritual teachings of nearly all traditions, we become like the company we keep, and therefore it is incumbent upon us to create an environment that is best for us and those with whom we associate – particularly if those relationship are across lifetimes.

UPDATE: Some additional information for your consideration. Listen to it carefully as there are some useful references in the interview.

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