An Open Letter to Our Readers – The Future Is Yours For the Making

Dear Friends,

Our Blog, Your Blog

For over twenty years we have posted regularly on VOXHERMES via Yahoogroups. For the last three or four years we have increasingly migrated towards other platforms that reach a larger audience, and have stated often that at some point we intended to move away from Yahoogroups completely, keeping it simply for archival purposes until it was shut down completely in December 2020.  As we continue working on integrating our various platforms, we still encourage readers to subscribe directly to our blog VOXHERMES at WordPress so as not to miss a single article or announcement.  Here is the link for those of you who have yet to do so: .

Our Courses, Your Courses

In addition, we have encouraged enrollment in our courses at Teachable, with the basic course – very complete in itself – Unfolding the Rose at no cost to students.  Simply by enrolling and enabling email announcements students will get information on all new course updates and offerings. Nearly all of you reading this have already enrolled and feedback provided by students is that the couse has been life changing for many as it clarifies many fundamental points of esoteric theory and practice. For those who have yet to enroll, here is the link: .

Our Institute, Your Institute

Finally, we have pointed out, for over fifteen years now, that the time would come when those who have benefited from our work would have to step in and help support it. That in fact, there is no such thing as ‘free’.  Everything costs something to produce and deliver.  We first mentioned this in our essay, “Peak Oil and You: Part Three, The Hermetic Renewal” which can be read at our website in the Articles Section.  In this serious of articles we used the theme of “Peak Oil” as the backdrop to illustrate the connection between economic and esoteric sustainability. While the theory of Peak Oil as a specific and direct cause has not materialized to date, the events of 2020 in relation to Covid restrictions and their impact on the worldwide economy are the same as we first discussed in this essay fifteen years ago. To this end we are encouraging each of you to support the work of the Institute for Hermetic Studies via our Patreon account so that we can ensure a further viability for another generation of students and practitioners of Western esotericism and Hermeticism. Please read this last line again, for that is what is at stake here and we want each of you to be a part of building that future of sustainability, for in fact, it cannot be built without you.  

Your Support: The Future of Esotericism Is All Up to You
 Levels of support start at $1 and $5 a month and increase to whatever amount you find suitable for yourself.  Details of benefits of membership are listed under each section.  We cannot overstate the importance of your support.  There are over 2,000 names on this list, and if each person donated $1 a month, the price of a donut, then the work of the Institute for Hermetic Studies would be secure for quite some time. If everyone donated between $1 and $5 then we would have reserves to secure it far into the future – which is a goal I would hope many of you have.  So, please take the time to examine the offerings we have produced: articles on our original website, essays at our blog, courses at Teachable, and ask yourself, “Is this something I want to be a part of? Is this something worth supporting so that I and others can benefit, and not just now, but ten and twenty years from now?”  If the answer is yes, then act accordingly and make your financial support known: become a tuition paying student, a patron via Patreon, or better yet, both.   As a non-profit entity there are additional ways you can help in terms of donations, patronage, and long term planning through endowments and legacy gifts. Please contact us if you would like to remember us in your Will or Estate. Donations can be designated to support specific programs on request. Please feel free to contact us if there is a specific program you would like to support or even establish.

The future is not yet made, but what is certain is that it depends on each of you. Will you be a part of the Institute’s future just as you have enjoyed being a part of its past and present? I certainly hope so. Make your support known today, as we look towards another twenty years of helping people learn how to help themselves, and others along the way, on the Path of Return.


Mark Stavish, M.A.
Director of Studies


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  1. This Heathen enjoys your blog and podcasts, as well as several of your books and your online class on prayer. Unfortunately, Patreon and I don’t play well together. Subscribe Star and Locals are far more reliable for me. Perhaps others have had similar experiences? I wouldn’t hesitate to kick in $5.00 each month. If Patreon is the only platform on offer, perhaps add a “Donate” button to this page?


    1. done
      thank you


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