Purification and Praying for Justice

Purification and Praying for Justice

We have been saying it is time to get right with Saturn for several months now, years really but memories are short. One of the most important ways is through Purification Practices. While many reading this are familiar with such rituals as the LBRP or something similar, it is insufficient to simply perform it without an idea of what it is you are ‘getting rid’ of. The same with confessing your sins to a priest, stranger, or yourself. You need to be clear on what it is you want to change and why.

There is also this issue. The angels, demi-gods, rishis, great unknown superiors of all stripes are not like us. Their notions of right and wrong, good and evil rarely match up with our simplistic and infantile notions of the same.

When we prayer for justice, or anything, we are asking that the karmic balance so to speak be made level. We are asking for a reset of our energies and with it consciousness. This reset can only happen through a cleansing, strengthening, and open of our various psychic channels. This can happen one of several ways, but can be summed up in two: fast or slow, using fire or water.

The Tarot Card “Justice” is often positioned on the path between Tiphareth and Geburah, and links the unyielding and unblinking forces of severity and rigidity to the Middle Pillar of awareness. To invoke these gods is risky but essential business, and we must prepare ourselves for the fundamental truth: the “Law” or ideal we hold another to is the “law” we will have to answer for as well. This is the nature of cause and result and the unrelenting reality of force of emotional habits and patters in our psyche. Or in a word, karma.

If you wish to cleanse the world, cleanse yourself first. If you wish to cleanse the world by fire, then know that this fire can, must, and will work in and through you as well. For this reason some water is often added to the process so as to keep the fire in check. This ‘Mercy” is nothing more than the essential knowledge of restraint, or knowing when to stop.

It is important to recognize that the forces of Geburah on the Tree of Life are often associated with the formation of the demonic or qlippoth realm in some schools of thought. In others with the demi-gods, or Asuras of legend. Regardless, the message is clear. Justice requires a pruning of only what must be pruned and not one step further. To do so is to invoke imbalance, and that is the realms of evil in the name of good.


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