Conversations from the Edge with Steve Kalec

Welcome to another “Conversation from the Edge”!  In this episode I chat with Steve Kalec, an alchemist well known to many, as well as a Freemason, Martinist, and Grand Lodge officer of AMORC (Emeritus).  Our talk focuses on various inner and outer aspects of alchemy along with advice for aspiring students of the ‘Great Art’.  The first 20 minutes of the talk is a tour of Steve’s laboratory (video to be available later) followed by the interview.


  1. Wow, this sounds awesome.

    Mark we have karma it seems; since I heard you mention on Miguel’s Aeon Byte how you pretty much grew up at JK Lodge in Allston – that’s my lodge now and I’m just taking my 7° in days…

    YR 8° here (would love if you were at my ninth!) and 32° SRNMJ, as well. I’ll be making time for this conversation. Just last night a group of us (The Invisibles Reading Group) agreed you’re one of the top White Lodge type teachers out there, basically. I think you were the single most potent impact on me as far as new teachers in 2021.

    But that you grew up at the same lodge I am a member (ish) of… That was a big lighting up somewhere distant to be recalled… So I recall!

    Joining a new Blue Lodge and very much looking forward to that… Just got back from giving a talk at the Astro Gnosis Conference in Cancun. That was magical. I would love to hear what you make of my presentation on 37 magic, Hermes-Sophia-Christ Aeons, and the Secrets of Pythagoras… I would love to hear from you how much more I have to learn still!

    Mark, you would make a wonderful speaker at the next one. I’ll mention it to Miguel in the meanwhile… But you would be superb! Alright, this is my “Hello, Mark!”, Or, “Hello Brother / Fratre Stavish!”.

    I have two first names and two final, Nathan Lee (hello!) Miller Foster (like the beers)… Loved your “UTR” audio course. Slowly reading through the rest of the excellent material. Hello, and Thank You, Brother/Fratre! 🦩🌟🏝️


    1. I did not grow-up in JK Lodge, I attended it in the later 1980s into the mid 1990s, served as Regional Monitor in Providence, and presented the first version of Unfolding the Rose there one week before the recorded version was given. Best wishes with your upcoming initiations.

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      1. Good to know. I really wonder how that came into my awareness. I feel like I heard you make a metaphor to growing up there, so, might be just my mixing a memory. Unfolding The Rose premiere presented there is still a mighty link! ^^

        Thanks for your encouragement! I’m a big fan of 7 and the 7° is so special that I’m likely using the Jupiter / Neptune conjunction in Pisces to take it on. Your work continues to inspire and I am grateful for it. Thanks so much and have a wonderful day!

        P.S. I’ve just become on 4/7 your 47th patron at an amount which currently equals $888. The talk I mentioned at Miguel’s event evolves around the number 888. Happy Spring, Mark! 🦩🌟🏝️


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