IHS Annual Conference – May 14, 2022

Save the Date! IHS Fifth Annual Conference! May 14, 2022


Where: Hilton Garden Inn Wilkes Barre

242 Highland Park Blvd, Wilkes-Barre Township, PA 18702

Live streamed with video available on Teachable afterwards

When: 14-15 May 2022

Thank you to the Louis Claude de St. Martin Fund of the Luzerne Foundation and other ‘Unknown Superiors” for their generous financial support for this conference.

Admission: $55 by check or Paypal if paid before May 7; $75 thereafter.

Special Room Rate for the Conference: https://group.hiltongardeninn.com/sj96rn


Dale E. Graff– Synchronistic Navigation: Interacting with a Shadow Universe

Sean Coxen– Rehmeyer’s Hollow

Steven Intermill–  History of the Raymond Buckland’s Collection of Witchcraft and Magick

Patrice Maleze – Incompatibility of Modern Science with Alchemy

Agenda in EST:

May 14, 2022

09:45 – 10:00am Mark Stavish – Introduction

10:00 – 11:00am Steve Intermill 

11:00 – 11:15am Break

11:15-12:15pm Dale Graff

12:15-1:45pm Long Break

1:45-2:45pm Patrice Maleze

2:45-3:00pm Break

3:00-3:40pm Sean Coxen

3:45-5:00pm Presentation of movie Hex Hallow

5:00-5:15 Mark Stavish Announcements and Closing Remarks

Evening Agenda – Conference Auction and Men-of-Letters Social

May 15, 2022

10-12 Patrice Maleze- Practical Alchemy Lab – Introduction to Ens and Spagyrics: Why They Matter

Patrice Maleze

Incompatibility of Modern Science with Alchemy

In this lecture, Patrice will broach the subject of Alchemy and its incompatibility with modern science, where science veered off and how it will come back to be in agreement with the laws of the Universe. 

Patrice will expand on Alchemy as one of the paths that brought an inclusive knowledge in the Western tradition, how its language and practice is structured to bring the student closer to understanding the world and his place in the Universe.


Patrice has been a student of Alchemy for the past 40 years. He joined the Philosophes de la Nature in France and became friends with Jean Dubuis with whom he traveled extensively throughout the world for 25 years, translating Jean’s conferences as well as demonstrating part of the practice.

Steven Intermill

History of the Raymond Buckland’s Collection of Witchcraft and Magick

The current curator and caretaker of the Buckland Museum of Witchcraft & Magick explores the history and significance of Raymond Buckland’s collection, tracing it from its humble beginnings in a Long Island basement to its current home inside a store front in Cleveland, OH. The collection has had many twists and turns over the years, but through them all it has remained well documented. Featuring ritual tools belonging to such occult luminaries as Gerald Gardner, Ray Buckland, Aleister Crowley, Sybil Leek, Leo Martello and a cast of hundreds of other spellcasters that are now on display,  each with its own tale to tell about the history of modern magick. This presentation will feature photos, news clippings, audio recordings, and promotional materials from its birth in the 1960s to today.


Steven Intermill

Director of the Buckland Museum of Witchcraft & Magick

Reserve your tickets now! https://bucklandmuseum.org/buckland-museum-tickets/

Sean Coxen

Rehmeyer’s Hollow

The story of Rehmeyer’s Hollow is legend in York County, PA, and often noted

by paranormal enthusiasts all over the nation. Nelson Rehmeyer, the story’s

central character, has likewise become legend, but unfortunately in a way that

has obscured his humanity. Too few know about Nelson Rehmeyer the man, a

man with a history like any other: birth and origins, family and professional life,

standing in the community, education, politics, how he spoke and how he

looked… This presentation hopes to flesh out Nelson Rehmeyer in a realistic

and intimate manner; discuss his Powwow practice; and survey some of the

fantastical legends surrounding the hollow.


Sean Coxen has worked many jobs, but most of his professional life has

centered on education. A mild afficionado of things paranormal, he became

interested in the Nelson Rehmeyer murder about a decade ago and has

researched the topic on-and-off since that time. At the invitation of filmmaker

Shane Free, Sean served as co-producer and commentator for the film “Hex


Dale E. Graff

Synchronistic Navigation: Interacting with a Shadow Universe

Synchronicity refers to incidents similar to coincidences but appear far too unlikely to be mere random events.  If they are not chance happenings, then what are they? Is there a basis, a cause, for their occurrence?

This presentation provides evidence for a mental process or principle that can access potential futures, select the meaningful one and through subconscious actions by one or more individuals, or other sentient life forms that cause a series of approaching events to align for experiencing the appropriate situation.  A synchronistic process indicates that a universal or cosmic information source, something outside of space-time, a shadow universe, exists that has information about potential futures.   Phenomena referred to as psi (ESP, precognition), are aspects of the synchronistic principle.

Examples of synchronicity and precognition are reviewed, including incidents from the government’s State Gate remote viewing project, Arctic River canoe journeys and during psi research experiments.  Several of these projects used an associative binary method for predicting results of future sports or stock markets that achieved statistical significance.   Other experiments were for news photographs seven days in the future.  Significant events, including the 9/11 attacks and the space shuttle disaster, were perceived several days in advance of the tragedies.    

Discussion includes time loops and time travel, connection with mystical traditions, C. G. Jung’s concept of synchronicity, and significance of synchronicity and precognition for safety and survival. Suggestions are provided for becoming a synchronistic navigator.  


Dale E. Graff is a retired aerospace engineer/physicist who worked for the intelligence community at the Air Force Foreign Technology Division and the Defense Intelligence Agency. Key assignments were Chief of the Advanced Concepts Office and Chief/Director of the Stargate remote viewing unit at Ft. Meade, MD. He coined the term, Stargate, to represent an innovative effort for expanding human potential. Currently he facilitates seminars, workshops and pursues independent research on psi phenomena, including ESP, remote viewing and precognitive dreaming. His published books Tracks in the Psychic Wilderness and River Dreams focus on psi as a natural and holistic aspect of our subconscious mind. http://www.dalegraff.com

IHS Annual Conference – May 2022

Admission to Saturday and Sunday sessions of the conference.



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  1. Isaac Murphey · · Reply

    Is prior registration required?


    1. If not you will have to view it when posted to Teachable, or risk it being cancelled as a live event for lack of registration. So, I encourage pre-registration.


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