Conversations from the Edge with William Hodson

A fascinating discussion with William Hodson and his friendship with controversial Roman Catholic author and exorcist Malachi Martin, the secret power of the Jesuits, secret societies, Vatican cabals, the Divine Feminine, Stigmata, and the power of hope.


  1. Thank you Mark.
    See you this evening! ^^


  2. The audio quality was such that I could understand barely half of what was being said. Still, I listened to the entire thing which is testimony to my thirst for this sort of discussion.
    a. Has William written a book or is there a collection of essays available anywhere?
    b. Could he build a family chart the “good” vs “not so good” Freemasonic groups?
    c. What does he know about the demise of John Paul I?
    d. When does he mark the “fall” of the RC org? 325AD?
    e. Was there a time when the RC Church did more good than harm?
    f. Is his understanding of the Inquisition really as shallow as his comments here indicated?

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