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Magical Egypt Discusses: Egregores – The Magic Behind Mass Psychology

Join me in a live interview on Magical Egypt on Monday, November 30th at 3pm Eastern Time. Use the link below to register. See you then!

IHS Practice Sessions with Q&A

Many have asked us about providing regular practice sessions where students can get advice, suggestions, and answers to questions regarding their IHS Course Work and practices. So, here it is! We are now offering twice monthly practice sessions with Q&A. They are held on the first and third Thursday of each month from 9pm until […]

Family Karma and Egregores: Their Cleansing, Rectification, and Renewal

Family Karma, Egregores: Cleansing, Rectification, and Renewal Over the last year I have been asked to give some teachings on two topics that are inseparable: family karma and egregores. As such, I will be hosting a class in 2021, starting at the end of February or early March on this topic. It will include information […]

A Different Approach

Here is a one hour interview on egregores that goes in a very different direction than our previous ones and focuses on family traditions, military service in particular, and how they can function as an egregore. Very useful as Veterans Day approaches.

How To Transform Yourself – Instantly!

Some techniques and commentaries on the most simple and direct method available to us for self-actualization and transformation through identification with our ideal. “According to the Eastern doctrine of ‘dharma,’ we are each called upon to achieve a particular life-pattern. And while all patterns have equal dignity, each one of us should avail himself or […]