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Men in Black, UFOs, and Occult Initiation

  “My own attempts at this are admittedly very limited, but it is obvious that the phenomenon is controlled by hidden laws and cycles. Psychic and occult events seem to follow the same cycles as the UFO phenomenon. The Wednesday-Saturday phenomenon exists in all the frames of reference. For some reason, the twenty-fourth days of […]

FYI – For Your Illumination

Enjoy. This went well.  

An Interview on Egregores, Ghosts, Nazis (of course), and Some Other Good Stuff

Here is an interview in which I actually get to call people idiots. Sometimes you gotta call it as it is. Otherwise, a really insightful 90 minutes on the intersection of the visible and invisible worlds.

An Interview with Hunter Yoder on Pow-Wow, Hermeticism, and the Institute for Hermetic Studies

Here is a wonderful interview I did with Hunter Yoder of The Hex Factory on Pow-Wow, Hermeticism, and the Institute for Hermetic Studies. ENJOY!

Floating Heads, UFOs, Dr. Joseph Lisiewski’s Mission, and the Apocalypse (of course)

One of the more peculiar aspects of my relationship with Dr. Joseph Lisiewski was recounted in Chapter Five of The Magical World of Dr. Joseph Lisiewski (IHS 2017). What makes this discussion of interest is that in itself it is an anomaly, a series of statements. It did not really fit in anywhere, and of […]

Esoteric Practices and the Power Complex

It is with great pleasure that we introduce you to our guest contributor Dr. John White with this essay he has written on the power complex and its role in psychological and spiritual practices. Dr. White is a certified Jungian Analyst, former professor of philosophy, and an initiate in several esoteric traditions. In addition, he serves on […]

Eros and Magic – Excerpts on the Astral Body

Eros and Magic in the Renaissance by Ioan Culianu With modest commentary in brackets. Intrasubjective Magic (p.130) Since all magic that does not presuppose the intervention of demons is intersubjective, it is possible that the performer’s action is directed to himself, in which case we have to deal with an intrasubjective magic. This branch of […]