Only Silence Can Express The following essay was originally published over ten years ago on March 11, 2008. It is being placed here for your consideration.   Holy art Thou, who by thy Word has constructed all that is; Holy art Thou, who brightness, nature has not darkened; Holy art Thou, of whom all Nature […]

A Simple Way to Make the Philosopher’s Stone   The following essay was originally published on February 11, 2010. It is being republished here for your consideration.   I was reading through some notes I took at an alchemical conference over a decade ago and came across a notion on a ‘simple way to make […]

The Problem of Evil The following essay was originally published on December 6, 2004. With fourteen years behind it is still as relevant as ever. It ties in to our continued theme for twenty years now:  do something positive with your life. This can be anything you like, simply do something with your life – […]

The Mind Parasites (and How to Stop Them) The following article was first posted in VOXHERMES on March 22, 2009. It is being reposted in in light of our recent discussions on occult group dynamic. It also allows us to better understand certain ‘conspiracy theories’ in light of genuine esoteric tradition, Jungian psychology, mass media, […]

Dog Time and a Bird in the Hand In the early 1990s I was driving to a meeting with a friend of mine. Tom was about twenty years my senior and had been a Jesuit in his youth. He left the clergy, married, had two children, and worked for the state. It was early evening and […]

The Death of a Friend [Originally published on February 27, 2009. Published here for some perspective as we near ten years on.] I received and email recently from a friend telling me of the recent death of a mutual associate. It was not the death of a person, but that of an ideal, of a […]

Gresham’s Law and Esoteric Movements It’s all about leadership. Leadership means upper management, and by this I do not mean some ‘invisible masters’ or ‘unknown superiors’. I most certainly mean those who are entrusted to formulate, communicate, and direct the vision – mission statement if you will – of the organization. This organization can be […]