PART 2 4. When asked, “If the building was on fire, what book, if you could only save one, would you save?” Frater Albertus famously replied “The Golden Chain of Homer” … What about you – in similar circumstances, what book would you save? REPLY: I have not studied this question well enough to give […]

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The follower series of questions were sent to me by Paul Hardacre at the end of 2013 for publication in a book he was planning entitled, Our Fire, the Secret Fire to be published by his highly acclaimed specialty publishing house Salamander and Sons.  However, with the sudden and unexpected collapse of Salamander and Sons […]

Self-Identification and Lucid Dreaming By Mark Stavish Edited by Alfred DeStefano, III 12 April 2017 Last week we suggested that you practice relaxing into the basic nature of your mind – the state of Being – through meditation on the statement “I am” and then resting in the silence that follows. By now you know […]

Human Sacrifice and the Karma of Bloodshed by Mark Stavish It is common when we feel the pain of others to want to do something to alleviate it. That sense of responsibility is a natural unfolding of our sensitivity and awareness of our relationship to those we know and even those we have no direct […]

“For everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heavens.” – Ecclesiastes 3:1   I arrived home after dropping my sons off at school to find my mailbox filled with emails asking my opinion on the military political events of last night. Having only recently learned of it I have […]

Touching Eternity by Mark Stavish First published 19 April 2010 NOTE:  The following essay was first published seven years ago and being made available again on the seventh anniversary of the death of Jean Dubuis.   In light of the recent announcement regarding the death of Jean Dubuis (29 April 1919 – 06 April 2010) […]