Originally published in 2010.  The ritual described is now “The Liturgy of Hermes” and is available from the Institute for Hermetic Studies.   In the summer of  1996 I undertook a spiritual retreat wherein for 42 days I spent the better part of my free time involved in devotion, prayer, ritual, and practices concerned with Thoth-Hermes. I […]

Finding Your Path of the Tree of Life The following information comes to us from Jack Glass, FRC, SI, 32nd and was reiterated by Joseph Lisiewski several years later. It is a method for finding your Path on the Tree of Life, as well possible Sphere of activity. It is a general marker using basic […]

Review essay of The Game of Saturn. Decoding the Sola-Busca Tarrochi by Peter Mark Adams Part 1 (of 3) John R. White, Ph.D. ]Saturn is a mysterious god and undoubtedly a demanding one – demanding enough that he is often viewed not only as harsh but as “malefic.” A number of recent and recently translated […]

Generosity is about overcoming our habituated self-centeredness, our sense of limitation, of fear of the future, of not having or being enough. This desire to have and achieve more is a common desire that drives many into the study and application of magical operations. This fear causes many, particularly those new to magical operations, to […]

(Originally published in June 2010) In a recent post it was mentioned that in both the Hermetic and Tibetan literature it is stated that the teachings of spirituality in general, and these unique forms in particular, would eventually all but disappear, save for special locals.  However, the process whereby this loss of traditional and proven […]

The Crossroads at Midnight: Traditional Spirituality and Psychic Research By Mark Stavish, M.A. Copyright 2019   The following presentation was delivered on October 4th at PSICon 2019, sponsored by the Academy for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies (https://ascsi.org/), and held from October 2-5, in Durham, North Carolina. This is an uncorrected copy and is slightly longer […]

Teacher Student Relationships and What They Mean With some of our recent posts questions arose regarding the relationship that exists between a teacher and student, or to use the classical terminology, the Master and the Disciple.  Herein, the following was most recently said to me, so I though it would be good to pass it […]