An interview on the occulture of the 1970s and some related topics that you may find of interest.

Deepening Our Approach to the Middle Pillarby Mark Stavish2013 I was recently asked by some students who had worked extensively with the Middle Pillar as outlined in Kabbalah for Health and Wellness, and its three levels of practice as described therein, on how to deepen one’s personal understanding of the exercise. Of course, it is […]

Magic, Mysticism, and Occultism: The Paths of the Western Way by Mark Stavish. M.A., F.R.C., S.I. Originated: 1993; Completed: 2021 Preface: The following essay was first written in 1993 in Providence, Rhode Island, on the “East Side” once the home of H.P. Lovecraft. Within a few blocks of the apartment window out which I looked […]

My interview with Barbara DeLong. We cover a great deal of ground about Freemasonry and related topics. Of interest to members and non-Masons alike.

This interview with Three Beards Podcast is about an hour in length and will mainly be of interest to those in the Craft.