Oral tradition and the printed word are the foundation stones of Western esotericism and its related practices. With your support, these two cornerstones become a bridge for yourself and others to cross on the spiritual journey. Click on the link below to keep reading and find out why this project is important and how you […]

Dear Friends, Several days ago we posted an essay entitled, Finis Gloria Mundi – The Alchemical Apocalypse and You which examined several of the themes which have dominated modern esoteric thought in the area of prophecy and prediction.  While prophecies have always been an important part of psychic studies, in themselves they are of no […]

~ Finis Gloria Mundi ~ The Alchemical Apocalypse and You   Join us on an adventure. Twelve years ago, a full Jupiter cycle, I wrote a series collectively entitled “The Coming Storm – Peak Oil and You.” The purpose of the essays was two-fold: to bring discussion of energy and resource limitations (Saturn if you […]

I hope that everyone has enjoyed our essays in VOXHERMES. As we stated several months ago, at some point the institution of a paywall would be necessary. That time as come. While all previous posts will be available, along with a partial view or sneak peek of current ones, full articles will only be available […]

Why Angels Can Be Douche Bags The following essay was first published on October 19, 2015. It is important in relation not only to our newest release, The Magical World of Dr. Joseph Lisiewski, who death was one year ago (1 July 2016) but also in relation to last week’s essay entitled, “When Masters Walk Away.” […]

Over the last year volunteers for IHS have been able to edit and post on YouTube all of our seminars from the past five or so years. These programs form an integrated understanding of esotericism in general and various schools of Hermeticism in particular. Originally these programs were sold along with their supporting handouts so […]

An Update on My Ill Spent Youth – When Masters Walk Away   I recently had a wonderful conversation with an old associate, someone I met nearly two decades ago when we ran in the same circles of esoteric initiation. This was of course the late 1990s into the early 2000s – before the “Financial […]