Some Easter Ruminations by Mark Stavish Originally posted in Voxhermes in 2013.   Easter is an interesting holiday deeply rooted, we are routinely reminded, in pagan cults and their attendant practices.  While such recognition is important for our understanding, it often does little in terms of our actual practice, and it is from practice that […]

The profound generosity of one of our patrons has resulted in our providing you with Part Two of this fascinating article. Toilet Dreams and the Alchemical Vision, Part Two: Bathhouses, places of public gathering as well as hygiene until the mid-twentieth century, were a common way for people to socialize in the classical period. Within […]

By Mark Stavish Over the years I have received much correspondence from people asking about the meaning of their dreams. Usually I tell them a little bit about planetary rulers of the day and night and suggest they learn to use that as a means of figuring it out themselves. However, there are classes of […]

Yesterday, one of the endorsers Egregores: The Occult Entities That Watch Over Human Destiny pointed out a review of the book for me to read. The review was lengthy and highly negative.  A great deal of cyber ink was spilled in its writing as well as in the discussion that followed in the comments – […]

Last week I had a conversation with James Wasserman that briefly trailed off into reflections of our ill spent youths. While his was awash in drugs, sex, and rock and roll and mine was often spent cleaning up after those whose lives were spent with the above same trinity (as well as working full time […]

The following essay will be elaborated upon in a future issue of VOXHERMES. If you would like to learn more about these ideas and how they relate to your inner journey, and how you can benefit from them, subscribe using the link below:   Mythology and the Tree of Life – Odysseus and Circe […]

Good Morning and Welcome to VOXHERMES! A quick review of our previous lessons will show that we have been giving you means and methods to better understand the relationship between your daily life and the internal activities that drive and shape it. These forces of body, thought/mind, intellect, and emotions are often attributed to the […]