“Why didn’t they let you save her too?” (Piper)“The Elders. They couldn’t. They don’t have that kind of power.” (Leo) “Then what the hell good are they?” (Piper) Charmed, Season 4, Episode 1, “Charmed Again” It may be that art imitates life, and then life imitates art in that weird feedback loop we call “magick”. […]

Purification and Praying for Justice We have been saying it is time to get right with Saturn for several months now, years really but memories are short. One of the most important ways is through Purification Practices. While many reading this are familiar with such rituals as the LBRP or something similar, it is insufficient […]

Dear Friends, Our Blog, Your Blog For over twenty years we have posted regularly on VOXHERMES via Yahoogroups. For the last three or four years we have increasingly migrated towards other platforms that reach a larger audience, and have stated often that at some point we intended to move away from Yahoogroups completely, keeping it […]

Takes time to listen to how egregores shape current events, both personal and collective, and how to better understand the positive and negative impacts they have on your life. https://vimeo.com/486119980?fbclid=IwAR380u0GLUvwQvnTweRYkRNd55-Kor2lxZ9jpak6QpI-QADWqsPubVbfQJ4