by Mark Stavish 31 October 2022 Near the end of the 19th Century, the great Russian adventurer and godmother of the contemporary spiritual climate, Helena Petrova Blavatsky stated that the choices made at the current moment would decide if humanity was to experience 1,000 years of wisdom or 1,000 years of darkness and ignorance. While […]

By Jaime Paul Lamb, 2022 INTRODUCTION Ever since the advent of Sun sign astrology and newspaper horoscopes in the early 20th century, the nuanced complexity of this ancient art has become somewhat obscured. Through this error, the entirety of mankind has ostensibly been sorted into twelve discreet zodiacal personality types. This unfortunate, and comparatively recent, oversimplification […]

I am very happy to appear on WVIA’s ArtScene with Erika Funke, one of my all time favorite radio hosts! She is simply a joy to be with in the studio as well as out of it. List to us as we talk about Janus, the New Year, the lessons of Winter, the meaning of […]

Dear Friends, At the beginning of this year, New Year’s Eve to be exact, I was asked to make a series of predictions about the most likely events of 2022. This was done as part of a larger broadcast and I shared my comments with you in a mailing. Below is a short reminder of […]

By SuAnn Hoffman 30 October 2022 Following Dale Graff’s precognition talk and Patrice Maleze’s discussion on the importance of mirror work at the Institute of Hermetic Studies (IHS) Conference in the Spring (2022), IHS encouraged all patrons and students to participate in a group exercise of mirror work for the purpose of developing and testing […]