Sometime in the mid-1990’s I visited John Michael Greer and Al Billings in Seattle. I was invited to give a presentation on alchemy which was sponsored by their esoteric lodge. At one point I showed Greer a small, black, hard backed book, the kind artists use. It contained hand drawn seals from the Shemhamaphorech taken […]

Here is a link to a recent interview regarding egregores that was very interesting and like many, plagued by technical and scheduling issues. But, here it is. Enjoy!    

“These substances called drugs…correspond to entities who come forth from the divine plan and are endowed with personality, consciousness, and autonomy… The aggression of one of these chemical spirits upon the human being is no different than from that of a demon or an angel. It is a sort of possession.  This is why a […]

In light of the many media stories over the last few months regarding UFOs, paranormal research, and various international conspiracies (of which the Jeffery Epstein and its child raping horrors is the most recent of “too fantastic to believe” by people with normal lives) we are posting the following for those who are too quick to believe. […]

THE TRAINING OF THE WILL By Roberto Assagioli, M.D.   INTRODUCTION—THE NEED TO TRAIN THE WILL The wide gulf between the external and inner powers of modern man is the most important and profound cause of the individual and collective evils which hinder the progress and even menace the future of our civilization. Modern man […]

The following essay was originally written in 1999 for The Wyoming Valley Society for Esoteric Studies. As a result of conversations with various teachers over the years, I have expanded on the original themes and added additional commentary for clarity and elaboration.  “Each soul is potentially divine. The goal is to manifest this divinity within […]

I would like to quote two paragraphs from some lectures dating back to the 1920’s and earlier. Please consider the following when doing your meditations on Keter, as well as the Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram: ” …you will find that the circle, with its dot, becomes not only a symbol but a real and […]