Something New for the New Year!  This introductory offer expires tonight. Brauche: The Gateway to Medieval, Renaissance, and Classical Magic Please keep reading as this is a once in a lifetime opportunity! This six week class will examine Pennsylvania folk magic as an example of the survival of Classical, Medieval, and Renaissance magical practices into […]

I was recently asked my thoughts about a well-known magical system, one I have never participated in and know only from literature and its members. My reply was simple:  heroic systems attract those who want to be supermen but in the end often end up broken at the bottom of the mountain they tried to […]

It has become popular to talk about the notion of self initiation in many Western schools, books, and teachings on esotericism. This notion has led many to believe that such a path is not only open to all, but also a preferred path for awakening.  I have been told many times, as an advocate myself […]

  In several previous posts we have examined the role of death and dying in general as it appears in several schools of Western esotericism, and have noted that while death and various notions of the afterlife, reincarnation, and cosmic planes exists within esotericism, little practical advice is given regarding them and how to prepare […]

I was first introduced to the idea of relics, that is, physical artifacts associated with the personal life of great beings, as a child. However, for the most part they did not make a strong impression on me until years later, after I had matured myself to understand their importance.  Relics connect us to the […]

“Hence the caution before I speak. There is no miracle in the knowledge; there is no real mystery.  It is so logical, so obvious, so cogent that it could be followed even as a theory easily.  Danger comes at the stage of practice.  Before entering into the deep waters of the Pacific for a swim […]

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