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Our Model of Success

Starting in 2016 the Institute for Hermetic Studies began publishing its highly successful “IHS Monograph Series”.  These monographs are between 10,000 and 20,000 words in length and focus on a specialized area of esoteric study or practice. By producing teachings in this manner, the Institute is able to create a cohesive body of teachings without having to write numerous volumes with redundant material.  Each book stands alone and is a thorough overview of the topic presented along with extensive summaries and suggested reading lists for those interested in obtaining additional information.  In addition, when taken numerically as a series, they interrelate to and support each other, providing a step-by-step course of instruction.  Through the IHS Monograph Series, the Institute is able to address specialized topics as well as introduce the writings and ideas of other authorities to the student.

By contributing to the Institute for Hermetic Studies you will be supporting not only the continuation of these projects, but also the establishment of the Institute for Hermetic Studies Library and Research Center, a center that will serve generations to come. The establishment of local and regional facilities is essential to the continuity of various traditions, as well as in providing a place to meet people of similar philosophies that strengthen, encourage, and sustain our individual and personal practices.

Rewards and Premiums for Supporting Us
To encourage your support of our projects we will be offering a very unique set of incentives. While you may find yourself getting a logo emblazoned coffee mug or leather journal on occasion, we will be focusing on hard to find, if not nearly impossible without the time and connections, gifts that will add value to your beauty to your life and value to your practice.

For Example:
Your name listed in publications as their sponsor.
One-to-one tutorials to help you with your Path.
Discounts at IHS events.
Spagyric tinctures from Red Lion Labs.
Specialty astrological readings.
Handmade floor and altar cloths, and ritual objects.
Specialty and rare books, and even limited edition publications created just for supporters like you will be included in our selection of rewards for our patrons.

Sounds good–how do I contribute?

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Thank you, and we look forward to your support!  

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