Necronomicon, Spooky Bishops, Son of Sam, and the Demonic Egregore of the 1970s

An interview on the occulture of the 1970s and some related topics that you may find of interest.

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  1. There’s a lot of gold in this interview, particularly the notions that 1) many people still approach these “supernatural” problems from the materialist perspective, rather than as spiritual events, and 2) that natural selection pressures are somehow equivalent to progress. I would concur that evolution is person and the path is indeed for individuals to tread more or less alone, but also suggest that the greatest threats of authoritarianism, whether “right” or “left,” are those that jeopardize the (relative) autonomy of the individual.

    The comment about many occultists being “infantile whiners” also provoked a smile. 🙂

    Axé and all blessings.

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