Human Sacrifice and the Karma of Bloodshed

Human Sacrifice and the Karma of Bloodshed

by Mark Stavish

It is common when we feel the pain of others to want to do something to alleviate it. That sense of responsibility is a natural unfolding of our sensitivity and awareness of our relationship to those we know and even those we have no direct connection with. It is a sensitivity truly of a psychic nature, albeit immature at times. This immaturity can manifest as an irrational sense of interconnectedness, a virtual as well was clear-cut co-dependency, whereas genuine personal awakening requires that we eventually comprehend our proper place in all relationships. That is, knowing what I am responsible for, and what I am not. What I can do, and what I cannot. Understanding limits, as well as the Limitless.

As I continued looking at the note book from my great-uncle I came across the following line dated July 25, 1931:

“…after its use they feel the sorrows of the world, the evil that exists. They, hear psychically, the cries and the pleadings of the hearts that ache and need help. At such moments one should send forth strength and love as though one were the Great Mother of the world, ministering to her children in sorrow and pain with the MA sound.  That is the effect and power of the sound and its accompanying responsibility.”

The sound of course is that of “MA” or “Mmm- aaahhh”, and is a common seed sound in many systems, and is an nearly universally associated with nurturing, comforting, protecting, growing, and loving – as a mother is expected to do for her children. While this is only half of the equation, the male, paternal sound being the other half, we can look-upon this partial knowledge as a tool to guide us if we have adequate experience.  In Between the Gates – Lucid Dreaming, Astral Projection, and the Body of Light we have told you to pray for the dead as well as instructions for doing so. In Words of My Teachers given instructions for making offerings to the various beings in the invisible worlds and the benefits to you and them that come from it.  Now, we step over the line and give some additional information that I was told a very long time ago and only recently have begun to see it come into print in some of the more niche oriented occult publications. For that reason, I will quote a more easily available source for you, with the reminder that this is something that carries with it an obligation and responsibility and is not to be abused.

Many may ask what this has to do with human sacrifice and for those with experience in ritual magic the answer is clear. The role of blood as a carrier of spiritual force has been well stated and described in The Path of Alchemy – Energetic Healing and the World of Natural Magic and you are encouraged to remind yourself of its value in your personal health and wellbeing.  Works as such as Meditations on the Tarot – A Journey into Christian Hermeticism and The Tarot by Mouni Sadhu both detail the role of martyrs as well as violent death in the formation and sustaining of egregores, as it is their life force contained within their blood that is the active mechanism for uniting the visible and invisible.

While some practices to this day continue to use animal, and some even human sacrifice, to feed their deities or invisible psychic partners, one need not engage in such karmically damaging actions to benefit from it, or at least nullify to some degree the damage being done. In our monograph Wisdom’s Bliss and Khamael’s Spear we detailed the process of ‘giving and receiving’ for transforming suffering into enlightenment. In recognizing this practice, it becomes clear that every moment of everyday we are given an opportunity to remove suffering and with that reduce ignorance to some degree. Yet, when larger events, such as terrorist attacks, natural disasters, plagues, and war occur too many abandon their practice and complain about the ‘pain in the world’.  This however is the time when we must act, because if we do not, others will.

Various traditions state that when people die suddenly and without warning they can easily become trapped in a sort of limbo, or as we call it, become ghosts. Others out of anger can degenerate into a demonic form and further the pain. Some will eventually find their way out, but like anything, it is good to have a friend and guide to assist you.

In his book, Aghora – The Law of Karma (Vol. 3) Robert Svoboda recounts his discussion with his mentor Vimalananda about human sacrifice.  Vimalananda states:

“I have always believed in avoiding karma whenever possible…Whether in human sacrifice or horse racing, avoiding karma is the way to go.” From there he goes on to say that the Rishi’s of old would resurrect their victims because the deities to whom the sacrifices were made had no need of the physical body, only the life energy it contained.   “[Goddess] Ma has no use for all the bodies of sacrificial victims. She is ethereal. She has use only for the spirit which is separated from the body at death, and the prana which that spirit carries. Knowing this, a clever person can offer a human sacrifice without any danger by taking a spirit and offering it to Ma. You can take any spirit, even one killed on a battlefield; wars kill so many every year. You can give thousands…this way if you so desire; all you have to know is how to do it.

First you locate a country where a war is going on. Then you tell Ma, ‘Ma, I am going to provide you with a certain number of [offerings] within two days if you give me permission to do so.’ If she gives you permission you proceed … You collect all the spirits of everyone who has died in the war thus far, soldiers and civilians, innocent victims and guilty warmongers alike. Since they have all died violent deaths they don’t know where to go and cannot find their way to a new birth.

After collecting the spirits you bring them to the spot where you will be invoking Ma to devour them. Then you perform immobilizing and fixing to lock them inside a circle from which they will be unable to escape. This is the ethereal equivalent of tethering …

Then you invoke Ma. When she arrives she is ready to eat, but because She is ethereal She does not eat with Her mouth.  She inhales the spirits – they are ethereal anyway, just like puffs of wind – taking their prana from them and enjoying Her own cosmic intoxication: … Ma has caused all these beings to take birth, to be thrown into the samsara (the universe of manifested existence). You are just restoring them to Her so She can throw them out again. … Because of her grace, Her aspects of motherhood, they all receive immediate high rebirths. Ma is the Mother of All, and what mother refuses her children even when they are naughty? So, the spirits are bound to be satisfied by this process. Ma is also satisfied, and She rewards the sacrifice. Everyone is happy, and the real beauty of the whole thing is that the karma is very minimal.

… Whatever goddess you may select will be happy, because She will get the spirit of the being She wanted without having to bother about all the flesh and other disagreeable offal produced in physical sacrifice. The victims are made to remember God by their pain, which is nothing but the effects of their karmas of their millions of previous births. When they die Ma saves them. You get the benefit of giving souls to Ma while you sit on the sidelines as a spectator, and none of the karma in actually killing the person comes to you.” (p. 93-94)

The nature of existence is suffering. This cannot be avoided if we are to move from Ignorance to Wisdom. However, once a certain degree of Wisdom is attained we can begin to limit the degree of suffering that takes place and help others learn from it so that it need not be repeated. Practices such as mentioned above and in the books listed are designed to help us, as well as others living and dead, to continue onward and ‘inward’ as we journey on the Path of Return by showing us that life continually offers us opportunities. It is up to us to recognize them and take advantage of them, for our benefit as well as that of others.



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